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Author Topic: Reconciliation, the Devil, and concept of Hell  (Read 5252 times)

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Reconciliation, the Devil, and concept of Hell
« on: June 05, 2008, 09:56:09 PM »

Dear Robby: As I have over 323 unanswered emails ahead of yours, I will make my COMMENTS... in you email short:
I have some questions here.

    Do you believe that Satan (the Devil) and his angels are also going to be reconciled?
    COMMENT:  Yes, course. They will be "judged" just like everyone else, and in Judgment all will learn "righteousness" (Isa. 26:9, etc., etc., etc.)
    What about the Anti-Christ,
    COMMENT:  Scripturally there is no such thing as "THE antichrist."
     False Prophet,
    COMMENT:  The "false prophet," is not one person, but a system, and yes, they will be severely JUDGED and made right. (Phil. 2:9-11, Eph. 1:10, etc., etc., etc.)
     and all of those who take the Mark of the Beast and/or bow before him during the Great Tribulation? Do you believe that they will be reconciled?
    COMMENT:  Those who take the mark of the beast are virtually the entire population of humanity, so yes, of course, God will judge them and purify their evil and wicked ways.
    Then what about John 3:18? It says that he who does not believe is already condemned.
    COMMENT:  Yes, one is either a believer or a non-believer. The non-believers will be "condemned" which means "judged."  In Judgment (Acts 17:31), all will have hope in Christ.
    Additionally, In your pages, you state that Sheol and Hades just mean "the grave",
    COMMENT:  I have NEVER said such a thing. You need to go back and re-read the 60 or 70 pages I have written on the subject of "sheol," and my most recent Installment: "Hades and the Second Death."
    and that people who die go to the grave and aren't conscious until the resurrection.
    COMMENT:  In the grave there is no consciousness, this is true. I learned this from the Scriptures. Did you think that I made this doctrine up by myself?
     However, I can't see this as being the case. Although grave is one of the meanings of Sheol and Hades, the primary meaning is "unseen state" or "unseen world". Sheol also means "place of departed spirits". So, Hades/Sheol would have the meaning of "unseen world of spirits" or spirit world. That is, an invisible world that exists parallel to the one that we currently live in. This is known as the spiritual realm.
    COMMENT:  That is unscriptural heresy (II Pet. 2:1). These are definitions from Dr. Strong and the like, who do not understand how these words are really used in Scripture. Yes, hades/sheol is the "unseen" or "imperceptible" realm of the dead, but it is NOT A WORLD OF SPIRITS. That is unscriptural nonsense, and there is not one Scripture to support such an absurd lie.
    I believe in hell as a world of conscious torment. However, I DO NOT believe in the dark age pagan depiction of it.
    COMMENT:  THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME!  The Christian hell came from the Roman hell which came from the Greek hades which came from the Egyptian Amenti. The Christian hell IS THE PAGAN EGYPTIAN UNDERWORLD OF TARTARUS.  Where do you come up with this stuff?
     In NDE's, hell is not the same for everybody who goes there.
    Unfortunately, too many churches still teach this version of it, and they still teach that fire and brimstone is the exclusive type of hell. I believe that fire and sulfur is only one type of hell (as shown in NDE's), but it isn't the only type. Just one of the many types.
    There are conmen and con-artists out there such as Mary K. Baxter and Bill Wiese who still promote the pagan image of hell. Their books (Divine Revelation of Hell & 23 Minutes in Hell) are fakes and fabricated fables. They highly resemble Dante's Inferno and Egyptian paganism.
    COMMENT:  Well get ready for a revelation, because not only does the Christian hell "highly resemble" Dante and Egypt paganism, IT IS DANTE'S AND EGYPT'S PAGANISM!
    I personally believe that hell (place of torment) is located in another dimension - that is, within a parallel universe or alternative reality that exists alongside the one that we currently live in. I believe that what is known as the gates of hell (Hades) are the wormholes that have been more recently discovered in Physics. The wormholes explain the tunnel that people travel thru in NDE's. The real Hades isn't anything like Greek Mythology.
    COMMENT:  You got that right--there is NO PERCEPTION in the real hades (unseen) realm of the dead.  Do you still believe that the moon is made out of blue cheese also?
    Personally, I feel that the proper name given to what we refer to as hell (as the place of torment) is Tartarus. Tartarus is referred to as the lowest Hades or Sheol. Tartarus is sometimes referred to as the demonic realm because that's where the fallen angels (demons) currently reside at (2 Peter 2:4). The Rich Man & Lazarus story shows that Hades is divided in sections (e.g. torment, bliss).
    Like Hades, the real Tartarus isn't anything like Greek Mythology.
    COMMENT:  Tartarus IS Greek and Egyptian Mythology. That's where it came from, so how is it NOT LIKE where it CAME FROM?  Am I going too fast for you?
    Gehenna was simply used as a symbol for the fate of the wicked. The fires are out today.
    Gehenna isn't the name of the afterlife world of torment. Gehenna is just Greek for the Valley of Hinnom south of Jerusalem.
    COMMENT:  I believe that is what I myself have said in my papers, is it not?

    There's a chance that the Dead Sea is going to be the geographical location for the lake of the fire. Currently, there are no fires burning there, of course, but in the future, it's going to be lit up to serve its function.
    COMMENT:  NO, there is "no chance in HELL" that the Dead Sea is going to be the geographical location for the lake of fire!
    God be with you, and grant to you a little spirit of wisdom,
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