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Author Topic: Brilliant  (Read 2290 times)

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« on: June 06, 2008, 02:44:08 PM »

Mr. Smith,
Yes, thats correct, it was NEVER God's will that The first man and woman
should sin. It makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever that a Holy and
righteous God would create a world full of chaos, or a mess as you phrase
it. You sound like the Mormons who teach that Adam's sin was a wonderful
thing! How blasphemous!!! Sin is NEVER good. Its rebellion against a
Holy God. Its transgresson against God's laws. Why are you teaching lies?

The problem with you Mr. Smith is that you are tring to understand the
mind of God You are trying to figure Him out with your finite mind. But
God shut Job up when He said: My ways are not your ways, nor are my
thoughts your thoughts. Were you there when I laid the foundations of the

The truth is God made man a free moral agent. He didn't wan t mindless
robots.He wanted humans who would CHOOSE to love Him. Not be FORCED to
love Him. God is not a tyrant.We will never know this side of heaven why
God went ahead creating Adam and Eve knowing full well they would disobey
Him. All we know is that God had a plan from the very beginning on how He would save the world.

See, Mr. Smith, your problem is you are trying to undersatnd Scripture
with yuor inteelect. But tis the Holy Spirit who gives us understanding.
That's why the Bible is foolishness to worldly people because its
spiritually discerned. So many so-called genuises, philosophers, etc try to
figure God out and get it wrong. God does indeed use the simple to
confound the so-called wise.

Bottom line is, the Bible says we must come to faith like little
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