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Author Topic: k...i believe mostly what you it possible...  (Read 6121 times)

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Dennis Vogel

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k...i believe mostly what you it possible...
« on: March 18, 2006, 08:43:44 PM »

that rather than there being a seperate creature (called Satan...who was supposed to be a perfect angel, then fell) who did evil...that 'satan' is just the name for fallen man and his carnal, evil inclined nature? I find it hard to believe, as well as a discredit to God that He could make anything, and then up and do what is was not designed to do (as in an angel). I believe that Adam was designed TO fall, and that his natural carnal nature itself talked him into sinning while in the garden. I believe it is our carnal nature refered to as is enmity against God, and we (humans) need no outside influence to sin.

Dear Timothy:

You believe what you believe because you do not believe the Scriptures.

Was Jesus really tempted by His "fallen carnal mind--His evil nature?"  Was Jesus referring to"His own carnal nature" that Jesus said, "Get thee behind Me, Satan?"   Was Jesus' "carnal evil nature," "enmity against God?"  Did Jesus really HATE HIS OWN FATHER?   It's an "idol of your heart," Timothy, give up.

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