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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 3856 times)

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« on: July 02, 2008, 08:59:09 AM »

    Mr. Smith,

    When you say tithing is unscriptual under the New Covenant,  how is that different from saying its unscriptual, period? You're saying its not for Christians today. If you're going to teach God's truth its vitally important that you make yourself clear on what God's Word says. I don't want to hear what Ray Smith says or thinks. I want the WORD of God. You've got pastors and others teaching and preaching that since we are no longer under God's laws (true), the 10 Commandments is unscriptual under the New Covenant. Since we're no longer under God's laws, Sabbath keeping is unscriptual. No wonder people don't go to church much, if at all. God's truth has become so watered down over the years that a lot of people believe, and even preachers are  preaching  that most people are going to heaven.

    What you do on yor website is so extremely excessive, that I doubt most readers read the whole thing! You go on a tangent, that the point and meaning gets lost. You go all over the O.T. trying to prove your point that tithing is unscriptual in the N.T.   You take verses out of context and mix it all together trying to make it all fit. The reader is left more confused than clear headed! You say SO much that it just has to be the truth, right? You beat a subject to death. Its the equivalent  of screaming and yelling.  You used thousands and thousands of excessive words on the simple message of tithing. You over intellectual the simple prinicpal of Christian giving. If you are confident that tithing is unscriptual in the New Covenant, then just say so. Say this is God's Word.  Don't try to force it down my throat. You are like a man trying to beat a horse to death, and when it dead, you're still beating it!

    Let's take a look at  Malachi.  There's NO mystery to this book. No mystery to what Malachi is saying.You alone have not discovered some "new" truth that the "church" (body of believers) have somehow missed all these centuries. There are no new Christian doctrines. You have taken pages upon pages to intellectualize this very simple principal.  The problem is giving. Yep, that's it in a nutshell. GIVING. So simple. No mystery. A child can teach this message. Many people are reluctant to give scriptually. Some say they do not have to give the tithe because we are no longer under the law. Yet the first mention of the tithe being given was BEFORE the law was instituted! (The same is true of the 10 Commandments.) These people misunderstand the reason for giving. Its not the law that motivates the christian to give, rather it is love. Jesus said: You search the scriptures daily...but you don't do what it says!

    There are 2 problems which hinder God's people from giving. Financial problems. Yet you cannot afford not to tithe! Remember the woman who gave her last coin in the New Testament? Jesus said more blessed was she for giving all she had. More blessed was she for exhibiting great faith. More blessed was she than the rich pharisses who gave more money but it was out of their surplus. The point is, this woman was obedient. She trusted God with her last coin because God promises to provide for us. Bible says: Take no thought as to what you eat, drink or wear. Take no thought for tomorrow, for God knows you have need for these things. We give to God not because we think God will give so much back that we will be rich. We give because our faith dictates that its the right thing.The most basic prinicpal to financial recovery is to honor God with your tithes first. Its irrelevant that the Old Testament people gave livestock or food. They lived in a different time. But the prinicipal is the same.

    In Malachi we see the problem is in giving. You say: Well, God doesnt need our money! See, you're missing the whole point behind this giving. God uses these principals to test our faith. Jesus said: If you love me, you will obey me. And yes its true we should give to the poor, the orphans and widows. Churches should be using the offerings and tithes for that. We should also support the spiritual feeding of God's people. We should support the Good News, the Gospel of Christ, to all the world. God doesn't need our money, but the lost need the Gospel. By giving the poor the Gospel, they will have a relationship with Jesus and He will provide for them.

    This, Mr. Smith is the simple but profound message of giving from God's Word. No screaming. No yelling. No intellectualizing. No big words. God uses the simple things. Remember that and many more people will be blest through your website.

    Then there's faith problems. The passage from Malachi encourages and exhorts us to give. Failure to tithe is a failure of your faith. See, tithing isn't about money. It isnt about giving money. Its about faith.

    The Bible clearly teaches that a Christian should give to support the work of God on earth.

    From Malachi we learn 2 things about proportionate giving. The first is our obligation to give. The believer has the obligation to give back to God. The fact that God doesn't need our money is a moot point.

    failure to honor God with your tithes and offerings will be a hindrance to  your spiritual growth. Do you see the simple principal?

    You boast that you have received tons of emails approving your teaching on this, but you have tons of bloggers all over the internet from theologians on down who say  your teaching is unscriptual, unsound and you yourself are a cultist. Why is that?   Anyway, numbers mean nothing. Look at Noah's day. The majority drowned. If numbers say anything, then Islam must be the correct religion!

    Keep it simple and teach with love,


Dear Craig:  Actually, I don't believe that you have a clue as to what you are talking about, but it's a free country (sort of), and so you are entitled to your opinion.  Try to follow this closely, and I will try to explain your first question in as simple and short a manner as I can:
Tithing is unscriptural under the NEW Covenant but not "unscriptural period," in the same way that Sacrificing animals for our sins in unscriptural under the NEW Covenant, but not "unscriptural period."
How did I do? Is that clear enough for you? No big words?  Not too much intellectualizing? Good.
God be with you,
PS   It would take me weeks to try and straight out the rest of your unscriptural convoluted nonsense.
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