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Author Topic: Misleading Christians  (Read 4682 times)

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Misleading Christians
« on: July 09, 2008, 08:39:51 AM »

Hi Ray
You will stand face to face with Jesus on the last day to give account of all your wrong teachings.

        You might sound very intelligent now but remember this word or these strictures: psalm 119:89, Galatians 3 :26 -29, Romans 4 :23 24, Hebrews 7 : 8.

        Tithe is not under the law, and if God spoke to His people that the reason of their curse is because of this issue, who do you think you are to oppose Him.(malachi 3:6 12)

        I have experience the benefits of tithing since I became a Christian, so, I believe that you lack knowledge or you are proud of knowledge. You need the spirit of God to reveal to you the will of the Father concerning this issue before placing it in the internet.

        I do not have much to tell you, or to quote scriptures because it is of no use, if you are spiritually blinded.

        Most of you American preachers need to go back to the secret place of the Lord to hear from Him.

        That was how the whole scriptures were written(Staying in His Presence and allowing Him to reveal to you what He has written already in Heaven). Knowledge is good but that alone has kept the Church in bondage today.

        These days men are lazy to seek God but they quote and misinterpret what He is saying to His people.

        I pray that the Lord will open your eyes to know the truth before you destroy His people.

        God bless you.

        Fellow Christian that have experience the power of honoring God with His tithe.

         Dear 'Fellow'

        If you think that you will face Jesus on judgment at the last day, then you will miss out on the first resurrection to glory. Judgment is upon The House of God NOW" (I Pet. 4:17).   We are to be judged NOW (I Cor. 11:31), or we will be judged with the wicked and unbelievers  "in THAT day."  I face Jesus every single day of my life in judgment. I assure you that you have not a single clue as to what the Old and New Covenants are or what the tithing law under Moses was. You are not criticizing my writings, but rather you are despising the very Word of God, and you need to be a little more careful about "jumping in where angels fear to tread."

        God be with you,

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