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Author Topic: Genesis?  (Read 4975 times)

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« on: July 13, 2008, 09:56:54 PM »

        Hi Ray...  (from Jeanne)
        (Sorry Ray... this is not short... hopefully the Lord will give you time to answer it.  If not, so be it.)
        Something interesting came to mind recently... in Genesis 1:2...
        And the earth was (became) formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep (water); and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.
        And... was 'formless'.  What does that mean... that the earth was not formed?  We know the earth as round... but 'round' is a form is it not, the same as square... it is a form.  Then, what do we have here?  I imagine that there was nothing formed 'on' the earth... but it doesn't say that.  It says the earth was formless.  Now the 'void' means as it says.  Nothing on it... except water.
        Isa 45:18... For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens (Study note: He is the God who formed the earth and made it, He established it and did not create it a waste place, But formed it to be inhabited), I am the Lord, and there is one else.)  (Can't make much out of this note)
        (He also doesn't mention that He created the atmosphere so that man can breathe.   Unless the expanse (sky) is what he means... which I think it is.)
        The 'Spirit of God' was moving over the surface of the water.
        It was also the Spirit of God who overshadowed Mary when she became impregnated with the seed of God.  Jesus is called, the Son of God, not the Son of the Spirit of God.  There is a big question mark in my mind here.
        v2) The 'Spirit of God'
        v3)  Then 'God' said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.
        v4)  And 'God' saw...
        v5)  And 'God' called...
        v6)  Then 'God' said... etc.
        What happened to the 'Spirit of God'?  God did not have to be told, by His spirit, that it was dark... He knew it.  Why is this being brought to our attention?  Why does it appear to need examining?  He tells us to search... maybe to find the good as well as the bad.  And in doing so, we come up with questions that need answers... if we are indeed prodded to ask those questions... and come up with some answers?
        One idea I have might be that just maybe it should read... the Spirit God... or the God Spirit... or just, God... or just Spirit.  Just how much has His original script been tampered with to create the Holy Spirit?
        Are we sure that the name... Spirit of God... is not interchangeable with the name... God... God himself?  "In the beginning was the Word, etc.  No mention of the spirit of God... and if we put... Spirit of God... that is creating another person of the trinity, which we know is wrong.  This brings me back to Genesis 1:2... the Spirit of God... was hovering over the earth.
        Now, it also appears as if we a Spirit of Christ, because he could not send the comforter until he returned to the Father (I AM).  We can't even make Comforter with a 'C', because it is not God, but the spirit of God.  Yet, the 'Spirit of God', overshadowed Mary, and produced the Son... of God.
        Please don't just brush this off as... 'Here goes Jeanne again!  At least think about it.
        Example... Jeanne, and her spirit, are not separable.  Why are God's?
        I know that nothing is impossible for the Lord... but...  We can't even capitalize it, because that would be a proper name.
        We now have... God, the Father, and his spirit... and His son, Christ, and his spirit.  Now... In the beginning... God... and, in the beginning... God had Christ... that is two.  Christ was... the Word.  What is the Word... ?  That is silly, because we know the Word is Christ... and it is no sillier than God himself calling himself... 'I AM'... I think meaning just that... 'I AM', all things, and everything.  So, if God is all things, then He is 'I AM', His own Spirit, Christ, and... Christ's spirit.
        And, another thing... How can we be joint heirs with Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heaven... if He is the Son of God... the true son of God?
        He 'was' the only begotten(born) of God... so if he was 'born' of God, then he was created of God... in the beginning.  Now, he is the First begotten, or born of God, of many sons.  We will have some of the titles he has, when we are raised up.  We will share all things... except the throne, and even Christ, although God put everything into the hands of Christ... but not the throne.  God will always reign supreme... the great 'I AM' sitting on the throne... so to speak.
        God also says that we are to worship Christ... and that 'every' knee will bow... but, what status will we have when we are raised.  I imagine that we will always follow our 'head' Jesus Christ, as he will always follow the directions of his 'head'... I AM.  But... if we are joint heirs... how is this possible.  The only thing I can see is... that we will all have the mind of Christ, therefore we will all be tuned into 'I AM', therefore know exactly what we must do without being told by anyone.
        God, the Father looks at us now thru the cloak of righteousness of the Son, but will He still do that when we become perfected... as pure as the Image that Christ sees of himself in the purified gold?
        I don't feel at all guilty in using... but... because Jesus did when referring to the works of the Seven churches in Revelation... and please don't correct me because I didn't say... The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
        So... are we sure that the Spirit of God, is not, the God Spirit, God himself?
        We are not going to die because of our sins.  They have been forgiven.  Our body is going to die because the sinful flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of God.   Even Christ had to die because He was born into the sinful nature of Adam thru Mary.  All flesh is enmity against God... Yes, even Mary who was favoured of God.
        She was God's choice, and was therefore a really good person... but she was nevertheless born under the sinful flesh of Adam.  Jesus was sinless, but he was also born into the sinful nature, because he was born of the flesh... so He had to shed that sinful flesh body before he could return to the Father.  So, he slept in the grave for three days, as did Lazarus.
        Lazarus, whom Jesus brought back from the dead, had been dead for three days, and his sisters, friends of Jesus, told Jesus that by this time his body would have stunk from decay... but Jesus called Lazarus from the grave.  This is one of the mysteries of God... that pictures Lazarus as a type, or shadow, of Christ himself.  That He, after three days would be raised from the dead.
        The only difference is... that Lazarus died again at a later date, whereas, after Jesus was raised from the dead, he did not die.
        As we will not.  We die bodily, but not spiritually, because we are alive in Christ.
        Our sinful nature dies... because God takes back the spirit of life (breath) He gave us temporarily... and our body decays in the grave.  But, we, who are in Christ, 'sleep' until He calls us.  (In fact, I think it is our soul that sleeps, then is raised, then the Spirit of God again enters our soul, giving it the mind of Christ) He raises us up spiritually, not bodily, because it has decayed.
        But... what about the 'bones', our bones do not decay, there is life in those bones... by DNA they tell a lot about us..
        What about the Valley of Dry Bones, where the graves open and the bones come out and are joined back to one another?  What does that indicate?
        What is God telling us there, other than we are resurrected from the grave?
        So that would be... When the Spirit of God (Christ) was hovering over the dark earth... then God (I AM) created the light, etc.
        My limited mind cannot get the hang of why... God, who is Spirit... has a spirit.  When spirit is capitalized... that means proper name... thus again creating a trinity.  Possibly it is Christ.  Now... we will have to assume that Christ is God's Spirit... which could be... until He was brought to light when born of Mary.  But again... why does a Spirit God have a spirit.
        Now here is something else...
            "But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish

              and without spot (no sin): Who verily was foreordained before the

              foundation of the world,  but was manifested in these last times for

              you" (IPet 1:19-20).

            "And all that dwell upon the earth will worship him, whose names

              are not written in the book of life of the Lamb [Christ] slain from

              the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD" (Rev. 13:8).

        What makes us think that 'in the beginning', was when God created the earth... meaning at creation?  As stated in Genesis 1:2... "And the Spirit of God was hovering over the deep... etc.

        How long was the actual world itself created... before the Spirit of God was roaming around looking at the world covered with water... when He decided that maybe that it was time he should make it into something more interesting.

        1) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

             In the beginning... the beginning of what?  I am not crazy, think about it.

        2)  And the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the

              surface of the deep; etc

        So... the earth was 'dark', which means that the heavens were not casting any light onto the earth.  God did not created the light until verse 3.

        I almost think, like some others, that there might have been a gap between verses 1 and 2... as some others do.
        Did he create the heavens and the earth... somewhat earlier... then start the work of creating light, etc., later... then the finishing touches?

        We must remember that God needs no light... He is Spirit... He is light.  For instance, when all on earth is perfected, there will be no need of moon, sun, or stars for light, because God himself is all the light that is needed.

          But,  before verse 3, there was no light, and the earth, and the heavens were dark, and needed their own light... because God was going to separate himself from earth, once inhabited, and the garden of Eden was vacated.         

        I won't go any further... because I don't know that there might be a possibility in what I have already written or not.  What do you think?


        Dear Jeanne:  I'm sorry, but yes, your email is entirely too long and involved. It just isn't possible for me to write longer essay type questions to so many topics as you bring up. I don't even have the time to read such long emails. I will cover the meaning of such phrases as "void and without form" in my Nashville Conference. I have always said that God's Spirit is God. That what God does through His spirit is GOD DOING IT, and not someone else. The Spirit of God is not SOME OTHER PERSON, but God Himself. As for the rest of your email, there is virtually nothing that I agree with. As for the gap theory, I will also cover that fully in Nashville. Verses 1 and 2 are both outside of the 6 creation times or days of the rest of the chapter.  Hope you understand.
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