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Author Topic: Bible Study?  (Read 2836 times)

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Bible Study?
« on: July 28, 2008, 08:56:05 AM »


I frequent your site often and notice how thorough in your study. Do you practice any bible methods or can you share something that has been helpful in your study? I have been reading sources concerning hermeneutics, inductive study. But some of it has been a bit difficult. i.e. determining observations, context, theme and so on. Any advice would be grateful.


Dear Mike:  Let me give you a bit of wisdom.  What has produced the damnable and destructive heresies of Christian doctrine?  Answer:  Christian theology;  Christian Seminaries;  Christian hermeneutics;  Christian exegesis;  Christian philosophy;  Christian carnality;  etc., etc., etc.
Forget EVERYTHING you have ever learned from Christian hermeneutics and their god of "context, context, context."  And know this:  no one takes Scriptures OUT OF CONTEXT like Christian theologians!
I use an exhaustive Concordance like Strong's, and Wigram's Englishmans  Hebrew and Greek Concordance,  not to learn doctrine, but to verify the facts that God has shown me from Scripture.  I have no way of explaining how God shows me the Truths of His Word. Many people have asked me "who" taught me the things I write about, or what "books" I learned these things from?  I have learned a few things from a man, before I proved them for myself from the Scriptures.  Universal reconciliation and the truth concerning tithing would be two examples.  But the hundreds of pages of material that I write concerning these and other Truths, I learned from no man.
God be with you,
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