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Author Topic: Nod  (Read 5441 times)

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« on: May 17, 2006, 09:44:13 AM »

Hi Mr. Smith!  I have a question,  in Genesis Chapter 5 verses 16 & 17, it says that Cain dwelt in the land of "Nod" on the east of Eden, And Cain knew his wife and she concieved, etc.,  Where is "Nod" or what does it mean?
perplexed in Canada.
P.S. I have been to many, many churches and your the only person after years and years of searching (and listening) that makes true sense!  I am glad that God led me to you!

Dear Perplexed:
You shouldn't be spending time on topics that are of very little importance to your life. If you read Gen. 4:16-17, then you know just about as much about Nod as do all the theological historians combined.  These two verses are the ONLY information on Nod in all history.
God be with you,
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