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Author Topic: Hagee Sermon  (Read 4978 times)

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Hagee Sermon
« on: August 08, 2008, 08:49:53 AM »

I was just wondering if you knew what John was talking about when he said "forever and forever and forever"? If you did I'm sure you could overlook this small grammerical error. Especially since i assume you are filled with the Holy Spirit, and he says to forgive you brother as many times as needed. I can understand attention to detail but i know you've gone to far suggesting that this mistake was "Damnable"? What about the Bible vs. that state that with what messure you judge that is the messure you will be judged by, and this sin you see in your brother is also in you? I hope this is just a case of you trying to help YOUR BROTHER IN CHRIST OUT!
God Bless You,                               P.S. I am also not "Qualified"

Dear Aric:  Yes, of course, I knew exactly what Mr. Hagee meant by "forever and forever and forever." He is saying that when the Bible says "forever," it really means: "forever and forever and forever and forever and forever and forever....eternally."  But that is not what "forever" means in the Bible. If "forever" means eternity, then what sense is there in adding eternities on top of eternities? There is only one eternity.  There is no such phrase as "for ever and ever" in the Greek manuscripts. It is "aions of the aions" or "ages of the ages."  It is not ages "and" ages, nor is it ages "upon" ages, nor is it ages "after" ages. It is genitive and it must be translated "ages OF the ages," which has absolutely nothing to do with eternity.

You have not read my paper carefully at all. Mr. Hagee did not make a grammatical error as you suggest. He used an unscriptural phrase "forever and forever," and added to that unscriptural phrase. It is not his addition that I call "damnable," but rather the DOCTRINE of teaching that God will torture billions of people in some hellhole of insane terrorism for trillions nd trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of quadrillions of ages WITHOUT END--eternally.  That, Eric, is the "damnable heresy" (II Pet. 2:1).

God be with you,

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