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Author Topic: Food for Thought  (Read 4073 times)

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Food for Thought
« on: August 10, 2008, 10:51:46 AM »

Dear Carlos:  Well I can see your a man who doesn't let the facts interfere with your opinion of things. I will make a few comments in your email that can be checked out very simply if you think I am lying...

          I stumbled onto your site some time ago, and have read some of your articles. I am certainly not any kind of well educated bible scholor, but I do have some problems swallowing some of your beliefs. I realize you have researched and believe whole heartedly what you are teaching. But, I suppose I will start with the King James Bible.
    COMMENT:  Why the King James? I use the King James, but why start with the King James? There are hundreds of translations, and some certainly more accurately translated than the King James. I could name you a half dozen translations (some recent and others going back centuries) that never use the word "hell" even one time in their Versions. Why do you suppose this is?  Do you really know why?
     Don't you think that since God is all knowing, all seeing, and had all of this planned from the beginning that he would make sure that the Bible was free from error?
    COMMENT:  That is an argument based on nothing but opinion. Why would God warn in four different places that no one should "add to or take away from" His Word, if He knew that doing such would be a total impossibility, seeing that He would never allow such a thing (according to you)?  Pretty silly to warn four times against something that God knows CANNOT happen, don't you think?
      After all, all we know, all we are are , all we see, is because God made it that way. Why would God allow a book that spells out how Christians are supposed to conduct themselves, or as my grandma put it (a roadmap to heaven) to contain errors such as you claim.
    COMMENT:  What do you know about the King James?  Did you know that the original 1611 Edition (I have a copy) contained fourteen apocryphal books (like, The Idole Bel and the Dragon) that are no longer in the King James, but are in all Catholic Bibles? Fourteen whole books!  They were part of the King James for hundreds of years, and now they are gone. Did you know that?  Did you know that they made of FIFTY THOUSAND corrections to the King James back in the 1800's?
    Many of them minor, but that's still a lot, don't you think?

     In your words,  "Christians and heathens alike, ignorantly and stupidly believe that they can change the mind of a Sovereign God Who always knows long in advance how He will fulfill His perfect plan and purpose under every and all circumstances." 
          If God is so headstrong
    COMMENT:  I don't believe I would refer to our Creator God as "headstrong."

    and unwavering as to not change his mind or his method, why in the world would he allow his word to be error filled.
    COMMENT:  Translations are the work of translators. The original Scriptures were written in Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.
    God does not need our help.
    COMMENT:  Who is suggesting that He does?
     I know when I step up and out of my own accord I can really screw things up. And I know people will try to screw things up to better themselves (so they think) but don't you think there is enough in the bible (untampered with) to make sure Christians make heaven?
    COMMENT:  I think that one can learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the very worst of translations. However, not ONE of them speaks of any Christian ever "going to heaven."
     I suppose what would scare me(being in your shoes) would be the possibility of scaring good honest christians into believing that the bible was nothing more than a creation of man that shouldn't be trusted.
    COMMENT:  I don't think that comment is called for. There is absolutely nothing in my writings and teachings that would suggest that the Word of God is "nothing more than a creation of man."  You are way out of line with that accusation.
     possibly causing them to walk away from God.
    COMMENT:  I have had many hundreds of people write and tell me that after reading my site they have either turned to God or REturned to God with a greater fervor that they ever had before. I have never had even one person tell me that they lost faith in God or the Scriptures because of my writings.
    God be with you,
    PS   Please, no more of your "food" for thought--I would starve on your food.

      There is so much more yet I am sure you have more to do than read my book. After all this is food for thought.
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