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Author Topic: Free Will  (Read 5765 times)

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Free Will
« on: August 13, 2008, 09:49:59 PM »

Dear Thomas:  I will make some COMMENTS in your email...........

> Dear Mr Ray Smith,
> Your articles are elaborate and thought-provoking. I managed to read
> the one on 9/11 and the Lazarus parable and liked them.
> But there is a problem with the Myth of Free Will. My wife has read
> this (and many of your other articles too) and now thinks she has no
> free will. If there is no free will one no longer becomes responsible
> for his/her actions.
COMMENT:  That is absolutely not true, and I have never stated such a thing. I go to great length to point out that we are all "ACCOUNTABLE" and will give an accounts of ALL of our actions and deeds.  God is "responsible" for this creation, but we are "accountable" for our actions.
 There will be no sin either, if everything is
> controlled and directed by God and men are only puppets just
> fulfilling God's plan.
COMMENT:  I have never suggested that we are robots or puppets or that God has directed our sins or forced  us to sin AGAINST our will. We are sinning machines. We sin voluntarily. We do not need to be MADE to sin.
 My wife is happy that the absence of Free Will
> absolves her of all her past sins, guilt feelings and resentments. She
> no longer makes any efforts to do good things or try to avoid hurting
> me by her harsh words.
COMMENT:  Well I can't make any judgments on what her "harsh words" or means of "hurting" you are, but we are absolutely NOT "absolved of all past sins," as only the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ can accomplish this.  And even then, we will never feel complacent regarding our past sins and mistakes. They are things that should always keep us humble, not haughty.
> The doctrine of No Free Will has brought havoc in our family life.
COMMENT:  The true of the sovereignty of God and man's lack of a will that is free or not subject to causal factors has done no such thing.  However, I do not doubt that both you and your wife's attitudes toward this truth, and misunderstanding completely what it is, may have attributed to some of your problems.

> All my attempts to bring my wife back to sanity have failed. She
> believes in you like Catholics believe in the Pope. Now, is my wife
> justified in her irresponsible actions, if your doctrine is correct?
COMMENT: Look, if God is sovereign, and if God forknows everything (WHICH HE DOES), then there is no such thing as a human free will that can THWART what God knows must and will be. God's foreknowledge of ALL things proves man has NO FREE WILL. And this, I assure you Thomas, is not "my doctrine."  I did not come up with it. I read it in the Scriptures, and I have proven it in life, and in science.

> Are these the effects you want to have in your readers after they read
> your treatise on The Myth of Free Will?
COMMENT:  We are going on 4 millions visitors to our site, and your's is the first email of tens of thousands that has suggest that "free will" has caused a problem in someone's home.
> The Bible is full of commandments and instructions for man to follow.
> Why all these if man is not responsible for his actions and therefore
> sin does not exist?
COMMENT:  We do have a will, but it is not "FREE" to original anything that does not have a cause.  Most people who argue that we have free will have not a clue as to what free will is. "Free will" is not "will."  "Free choice" is not "choice."  All of our choices have a cause, even if we don't know what it was, therefore no choice that is made is "free" to not have been made.  Why are all of these commandments and instruction for man to follow in the Scriptures if man DOES HAVE A FREE WILL?  The penalties for not keeping commandments is a CAUSE for keeping it. Something that "CAUSES" you to keep a commandment, is NOT "FREE" TO NOT KEEP IT.  I know, it takes more than a few hundred hours of meditation to understand it properly.

God be with you, Ray

Confused husband
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