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Author Topic: Why?  (Read 3970 times)

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« on: August 16, 2008, 10:36:42 AM »

Hi Ray,

We've emailed back and forth before. This past year has been a very challenging in terms of my faith. At one point I took serious these teachings because I felt it made so much sense and was in line with what the scriptures taught. But now, i can barely come to the word seriously because of doubt of the word...not so much what it says, but its source....

You say that you dont subscribe to the teachings of mainstream church, however the cannonization of the bible came from the early church. How we got our bible is so iffy. We dont have the originals and why should we believe the the books of the bible are special compared to the ones that are not  in the bible?


Dear JL:
If you have doubts concerning God's Word, it should not be because of how the books were written, collected, and preserved. Rather than this process being "iffy," as you suggest, it is rather miraculous that we have them.  The writing, collecting and preservation of the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures is no less miraculous.  If one looks for faith-killers, I suppose he can find them. There are those who think that Jesus didn't perform any miracles, but rather was an accomplished magician.  Likewise there are those who think He faked death on the cross, and never really died, etc.  The Church and its leaders was just as corrupt in the days of Jesus' ministry as they are today, but that did not cause Jesus and His followers from having total faith and trust in the Inspiration of the Scriptures that were preserved so "iffy" by the often corrupt Scribes.  Like if tough, and at times our faith is tested. Be strong and don't give in to the vials of the devil .  Don't worry so much about how we got the Scriptures, the most important thing is WE HAVE THEM!
God be with you,
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