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Author Topic: You are wrong  (Read 5217 times)

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You are wrong
« on: August 19, 2008, 07:43:43 PM »

Dear Jake:  I only answer such emails for the amusement of our readers. I will make a few your email:

    So I understand that you do not need to have credentials to preach or to call out a contradiction.  But when you are making a claim that goes in complete contrast of the majority of the universal church, such as tithing you cannot help but wonder....

    COMMENT:  "...cannot help but wonder" what?

    You say that you have no credentials, and then compare yourself to a few biblical characters :

    COMMENT:  You are wrong on both counts. I did NOT say that I have "no credentials." Here is precisely what I said:  "I have NO "credentials" except the Spirit of God."  Maybe learn to complete a sentence when quoting someone. And no, I did not compare myself "to a few biblical character." I showed that Jesus, Peter, and Paul had no "credentials" that would be accepted in today's theological circles. I did not "compare" myself with them. My statement had only to do with visible, academic, credentials.

    -Jesus, yes no credentials; but HE was GOD.... (omniscient)

    COMMENT:  I didn't say that Jesus had "NO credentials."  Those are YOUR words, not mine. I asked the question: "How are THOSE for CREDENTIALS?"  They HAD credentials, but not the kind that would have matter in today's Christian theological circles of academia.

    -Peter and Matthew, yes both have no credentials, but Jews where very well educated on the scriptures from a young age... and they were disciples of Jesus....

    COMMENT:  Once again, it is you who are saying they had no credentials, not I.

    -As for Paul, a Pharisee of Pharisees, who received the best education.  He had the credentials. Don't try to claim that he was just a Tentmaker with no education, cause that would be incorrect.

    COMMENT:  I never did "claim that Paul was just a Tentmaker with no education," did I?  Well, did I?  No. I did not.

    I am not trying to just be a p----k, but you are wrong.

    COMMENT:  No, you are wrong.

    It would be nice to hear a reply as to how you figure tithing to be unscriptural, I know you have your reasons; but your website is kind of hard to follow and understand.

    COMMENT:  Well there you go again.  Did I anywhere say that "tithing is unscriptural?"  Did I? You know I didn't, but it sounds good from your perspective to try and demean me. The tithe of my paper is: "Tithing is unscriptural UNDER THE NEW COVENANT."  You really need to try and be a little more accurate in your criticism.

    God be with you,


    Thanks, Jake:)
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