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Author Topic: Hard Question  (Read 5206 times)

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Hard Question
« on: August 23, 2008, 08:52:38 PM »

hi Ray
please Ray explain to me (1 Timthy 2:15)
cause i know only the blood of the Lamb can save.
why does Paul say that in " " Timothy 2:15"."It realy put's a ??? to my mind not a doubt, but a question ,and i trust you Ray that you will give me  a good answer..Please answer me thank You.
It is the only verse in all the bible and I have read it many many times old and new ,and still do every day that disturb me!!enough to put Paul aside .please help.

    Dear Jetaime:  Yes, that is a rather difficult verse. I wouldn't stake my salvation on this explanation, but I believe it to be far far better than anything I have been able to find on the Internet trying to explain this difficult verse. Okay, with that said, here's how I see it:

    In the first verse we are told to pray and give thanks for all men; for kings, and for "...ALL THAT ARE IN AUTHORITY..."  Then we pick up this thought again in verse eight where Paul admonishes: "I will therefore that MEN PRAY EVERYWHERE, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting." Next notice how verse 9 is then a continuation of this same though of making supplication and prayers for "all that are in authority," by stating "In LIKE MANNER also, that women....."  So in the same manner as MEN are to recognize and give thanks for "all men, for kings, and for ALL IN AUTHORITY," women "IN LIKE MANNER," are to do certain things which pertain to women--"adorn themselves modestly, learn in silence, not to USURP AUTHORITY over the man..."  So all men are to recognize and be subject to kings and all authority and "in like manner" the women are to be in subject to the authorities over them. Paul then shows that Adam was not deceived in the Garde n by the women under his authority, she WAS deceived, and "was in the transgression."

    So Eve did not respect properly the authority of her husband, and was in the transgression, just like women who do not respect the authority over them (their own husbands, fathers, and ministers of the gospel), are in transgression also.  However, or as Paul says, "Not withstand, she [women] shall be saved [notice they are not saved "by" something other than Jesus, but rather..]...shall be saved IN childbearing..."  But what does that mean? They will be saved if they have BABIES?  No, certainly not, for many women who "have babies"-partake of "childbearing," are not subject to authority and are likewise then continually "in the transgression."  No, what this is saying is that women will be saved in the ROLE OF MOTHERHOOD [childbearing] rather than by taking on a role of usurping authority over them. Strong defines this Greek word as "maternity, parentage, and THE PERFORMANCE OF MATERNAL DUTIES."  There it is.  A woman will be saved if she like men accept the authority over them, and perform their god-given role in [not by] MOTHERHOOD.

    Hope this helps a little.

    God be with you,

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