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Author Topic: Great Scholarship  (Read 2296 times)

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Great Scholarship
« on: August 23, 2008, 08:55:09 PM »

This is scholarship at its best!

    Oh, I will not be offended if I do not get a reply, you can be quite sure of that!
    I have read some of the replies you are sending out to people, talk about the blind leading the blind!
    You talk of the bible in a literal sense that defies belief, you clearly display an ignorance of this work, that puts you amongst the seed that fell on hard ground of which we are warned about, therefore you are a false prophet that many good people have also been warned about!
    All humanity does have FREE WILL, given by God because we are made in His image, and this is what prohibits us being automatons, which is not what God wants.  He does not want robotic humanity that serves him out of duty, He wants freedom of choice from people who make a sincere and loving choice to emulate Him, His loving and His mercy, THROUGH THEIR OWN FREE WILL!  Got that?
    I would suggest that you go back to your day job, the one you had before you chose to darken people's misunderstanding with further misleading representation, for you are not serving God here, but your own misjudged interpretation of a god that is alien to most clear and right thinking Servants of the Lord.
    YES, HELL EXISTS, IT IS KNOWN AS THE ABYSS, it is retained for any whose soul is not fit for the Kingdom of God, and is featured often in  scriptures, although oft times it might also be referred to as the nether darkness. (it is never referred to as Hell in the bible).
    The Holy Spirit is rife and evidenced in both the Old Testament and following Testament.  No quibble whatsoever, amongst scribes who have spent many years analysing the text behind the 'literal outlook' to the scriptural work of the bible, myself included.  Indeed, most of the tracts of the present day bible are indeed upheld and supported by thousand of years old scrolls, known as the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'!  You cannot get better proof than this!!
    So, desist from your false meanderings, in the Name of God, or at least take some proper, meaningful study before you continue!  You never know, you could truly learn something positive and then become a really useful tool in God's name!!
    Peace and love in the Lord
    An honest disciple
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