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Author Topic: Does anyone have doubts?  (Read 8154 times)

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Does anyone have doubts?
« on: September 12, 2008, 12:35:28 AM »

Does anyone ever have doubts that what we have learned is really the truth?

To be honest I do once in a while, but maybe only for a second.  After hanging out in a mainstream Christian forum for a while, it starts to get to you.  I think - what if I am wrong, and I am sending myself to hell... but then I go back and reread everything I have learned. We all know the proofs that Ray has shown from the bible.  And then I know it is the truth.

Its not that I really doubt, but its almost like peer pressure.  Anyone get that feeling before?  Something like, "well everyone else believes in hell, why don't I",  "all the cool kids are doing it"  LOL! Its so hard to unlearn what you've been taught your whole life.



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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2008, 12:43:32 AM »

I did at first, and the anti dote is what you did---Yep, go back and read Ray.  Then it would be clear again.....then things would get fuzzy.....go back and re read....

over time I found that has gone away and I don't have to deal w/ that so much anymore.

Dave in Tenn

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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2008, 01:20:37 AM »

The only real doubt I have is whether I'll be one who endures to the end.  I have little doubt as to the basics of Ray's teaching of scripture.  Looking forward, my faith is not in what I know or don't's in WHO I know and who knows me.  To my mind, it's perfectly OK to be 'wrong' at any point in life I find myself.  I've always believed that we are all wrong anyway, at least in some things and very much to one degree or another.  Even if a man has perfect knowledge, it profits nothing if he lacks wisdom or love.  I'd rather be wise with what little I know and bear the fruits of the Spirit than be doctrinally correct anyway.  We aren't going to get it ALL right in ALL its significance and power until after judgement.  So be it.   

So it is not a troublesome thought for me to think that I don't have a full knowledge of the scripture.  I know enough to know that John 3:16 doesn't read that God loved the world in such a way that whosoever believeth in Hell should not have to go there. 

IF I should lose my faith in this Gospel, there is NO WAY I would go back to believing the way I was raised any more than I would start school in the 4th grade again.   
Heb 10:32  But you must continue to remember those earlier days, how after you were enlightened you endured a hard and painful struggle.


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2008, 01:34:18 AM »

I have many doubts about God, scripture and immortality.  I have no doubts that the church doctrines (in particular, the eternal torment one) are absolutely not true.

Jackie Lee

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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2008, 01:45:32 AM »

No not usually,
I doubted Hell for years now, I just never understood the purpose so I doubted it.
 I could not see how a loving God would do such a horrendous thing.
I then fell into the belief that God would annihilate the really nasty ones like Hitler and serial killers.
I see now that I limited God.
I still struggle with freewill even though I know there is no freewill.
That has been the hardest for me to understand.


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #5 on: September 12, 2008, 01:57:59 AM »

I am like Dave in Tenn. I am OK with me being wrong, because it is just how it works. It is beyond unrealistic to think your going to have everything figured out. And then even if you do, that isn't worth a penny if you don't live it and have the fruits of it. Our walk is growth and learning and relearning. The hell stuff is just the mind trying to appease an obsessive religious disorder. All just carnal garbage that stinks and clutters up your life. Anyhow, remember how when Moses lead the people out how many times they desired to go back to the same place they were begging to get out of. After awhile back in the "hell" camp you would be kicking yourself in the pants again.



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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #6 on: September 12, 2008, 06:12:42 AM »

hi all

I dont usually post but this cut deep because it's what i have been thinking about. I agree totally with Dave in tenn. I have been feeling like since knowing these truths that i know i may start looking down on others who dont know them, but then again i remember that i myself dont have perfect knowledge either and i know many such people who believe these false doctrines and yet are very loving, charitable, kind people. That's what i strive for, beyond any degree of knowledge, i really strive for love. Perfect love- Agapao as Ray teaches. Where others come first and where i will help people without expecting any kind of reward- i could be wrong,but to me thats true religion.

I ofcourse want to learn and unlearn more, otherwise i wouldnt spend the many hours i do on Ray's teachings, but i pray that God may help me not to lose sight of the why behind all these truths- i.e LOVE. That fellow bretheren is the sincere prayer of my heart.


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #7 on: September 12, 2008, 07:11:58 AM »

Like David, I have doubts about myself, whether I will indeed run the race and be with Christ and His saints in the 1st resurrection. I think one of Ray's earliest talks (at least on the web anyway), "How hard is it to be saved", for me that was both very revealing and very daunting. Since hearing it just over two years ago, its made me look at myself every day, all day. You find yourself clocking up the sins, both physical acts and thoughts, and it does get discouraging at times because it seems like an impossible up hill battle 24/7. But then that's our calling. Once you know what the truth is, it makes it a whole lot harder to live up to it.
As for doubts about what I've learned, no none at all. There are maybe two issues that I disagree on with Rays teaching so far, and maybe I'm flat out wrong. The vast majority of it though makes perfect sense, checks out perfectly with Scripture. The truth that Ray teaches most about, which I have never had any doubts about since I first heard it, is about Hell. That was a biggie I struggled with right from when I first joined a Church....."why would God create us, then give us a choice of something so horrific if He knows beforehand who will choose what." That was always a big question in my mind. This and another site answered it for me, and since then I've never looked back, never had a seed of doubt that God will save all of us.


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #8 on: September 12, 2008, 07:46:31 AM »

Yeah, I have doubts.

I have read and studied so much - I have spoken with so many different people with so many different backgrounds and persuasions - It's hard to arrive at the conclusion that what I experience (or have experienced) is the only truth.

All my life I have been obsessed with just one thing above all other things - and that is knowing the TRUTH, in everything.
Ironically, this is the one thing that I simply cannot seem to conclusively establish.

I Love Ray - and I love that God sent me to his site, but I don't know if we should take what he says / writes as if it were scripture.

So many times in this forum, I read about people that continually refer back to "Ray's Teachings" - so much so that it begins to sound a bit "cult-like"

So, yeah, I have doubts.

I doubt very much that we have the whole truth. In fact, I'm certain that we don't.

I do believe, with all my heart, that we should get EVERYTHING WE ACCEPT TO BE TRUTH direct from the scriptures by the Spirit of God.

The funny thing is - how can we be sure that what we are seeing or understanding from the scriptures really is from the Spirit of God? I mean, there are SO MANY cults and sects out there that SWEAR they have the correct understanding of the scripture!

Are we just another group like that? Or maybe we're in danger of becoming one.

I'm not accusing anyone or anything - I'm just answering the question about wether or not I have doubts.

And I do. Definitely.

Do I doubt that God made the world and sent His Son to be its saviour - NO.
Do I doubt that we have the whole truth - absolutely.
Do I doubt that Ray has the whole truth - you better believe it.

So I test myself and my understanding and my belief system continually. I test it against the scripture, I test it against reality, I test it by expounding it to other people, but above all - I am in constant communion with God in my heart all the time - PLEADING with Him to show me "The Way". And just hoping that He does.



Richard D

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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #9 on: September 12, 2008, 07:56:38 AM »

Legoman. I’m really new with the truth of Ray’s teachings but I looked up and read every scripture Ray use in presenting God’s truth and have no doubts at all within me.

I don’t even think about which resurrection I’ll be in because God predestine me for either the first or second one.

It has nothing to do with me in fact even my faith has nothing to do with me. Wherefore no man can boast.

It is of God by God and for God that God may be all in all.

You’re brother in Christ.  :)


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #10 on: September 12, 2008, 09:23:16 AM »



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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #11 on: September 12, 2008, 10:25:12 AM »

I used to. I don't anymore.


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #12 on: September 12, 2008, 10:31:49 AM »

Good Morning, Legoman(Kevin),

                                            This is a very interesting Thread you started, had to drink my first cup of coffee prior to commenting. I believe that if I stopped exercising my mind and heart with the Spiritual Knowledge presented by Ray at this Site, I would probably start to develop doubts.

                                            At the time of this Posting, I have no doubt that God is going to save everyone; I have no doubt that God doesn't Roast, Toast or Eternally Torture, Torment, Annihilate or Separate any of his Children, that would make him worse than any Man there ever was. I have no doubt that when we die, we are in fact dead(asleep) and require a Resurrection(Standing up again) to live again.

                                            By nature, especially after leaving the JWs, I am a Skeptic, in that I require proof and reason to accept any information presented to me as Truth. I have yet to read anyones information as presented by Ray where Scripture, Examples, Explanations and the meanings of the Hebrew and Greek terms are shown to back up the understandings. All done in a manner that makes it simple to understand. Does this mean that I fully understand every minute detail of every teaching Ray has at this Site; No I don't. Do I deem it necessary to do so; No I don't. As I've stated to others, Ray has taught us the better part.

                                           A possible cure when experiencing doubt as mentioned by Kevin is to re-read Rays material, primarily THE FREE WILL SERIES and everything else seems to fall in place. My Wife and I are attempting(many ink cartridges later) to systematically print all of Rays Articles. I printed out Free Will Part A yesterday, prior to leaving for work. I read it last night(30 pages) and can't wait to start Part B. Ray has often ed mentioned that understanding that we don't have Free Will, but only caused choices is probably the most important teaching of all and for me, it helps in being able to understand the other Truths presented by Ray at this Site.

                                          If there is anything that bothers me about God's Truth, it's the concept that I will die one day and just be dead(unconscious, asleep) and I don't know for how long, but this has lingered in my mind, my whole life. All I've ever known is being alive and the idea of being Dead feels weird to me. This might seem ridiculous to some of you and I don't know if you classify it as a doubt, but it has nothing to do with believing Ray, it's only a Carnal feeling that I've carried my whole life and feels strange.

                                       Kind Regards, Samson.

Douglas Wayne Thomas

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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #13 on: September 12, 2008, 10:45:58 AM »

Before I started working on my PhD. in Criminology I was studying Physics, Philosophy and Psychology. I have been a professional student for many years. What is funny is that all three of these disciplines depends on accepting certain facts that can never be proved without a doubt.

For me; when I learned that all matter was actually 99% empty space on the subatomic level that blew my mind. However; how would you explain cell phones. Cell phones work because the signals go right through metal, glass, plastic, whatever. Why because everything is 99% empty space.

There is no way in Hell (pun intended) that such a marvelous design could have happened by chance. God had to be responsible, there is no other explanation. Why should people have a problem with God creating everything in 6 days. He could have created everything in 6 nano-seconds if he had wanted too.

Why should we limit God to sending everyone to an imaginary "HELL" simply because they do not believe in him, or have even heard about him? We send people to prison because we do not have the power, knowledge, insight, or patience to "fix" them. God is not limited like we are. God can and will set everything right in the time of his choosing. We can not force God to change his plans simply because we think that we have "Free Will" to make certain decisions and choices.

Just my humble opinion.


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #14 on: September 12, 2008, 10:46:29 AM »

Morning dawns.... as the cock crows 3 times....



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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #15 on: September 12, 2008, 11:29:31 AM »

I have no doubt that Ray is pointing us to the Truth.  What I believe he is doing, by the will of God, is removing the man made traditions from the original Scriptures.  It is the original Scriptures from the men who walked and talked with Jesus Christ that have the Truth, that I have no doubt of. 
Ray is just human like any of us, but God has seen fit to use him to help us to unlock the mystery of the Scripture.  He is only showing what is in the Scriptures, not presenting new revelations.  We can use the knowledge he has provided to continue our own study of the Scriptures, for those chosen by God and given eyes to see.

Col 1:26  the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now made manifest to his saints.
v. 27  To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

mercy, peace and love



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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #16 on: September 12, 2008, 11:53:01 AM »

To doubt means to be uncertain or to be less than 100% convinced about something.  When we discuss the big questions in life such as does God exist, is Christ the Savior of the world, is scripture inerrant, free will, who will be in the Kingdom, origin of man, young earth, evil, etc….Is it possible that we can be 100% convinced about some of them and less than 100% certain about others?  The answer is yes!

So when you ask do we have doubts, the answer would have to be yes, otherwise the person who has no doubts would be all-knowing.  Sometimes we look at doubt as if it is a bad thing.  It is not.  Doubt leads to questioning and questioning leads to truth.  Think of it this way….if you never doubted what you were taught, then you would not be at this website now.  So likewise, is it okay to doubt what is taught here?  Absolutely!  Why?  Because doubt leads to questioning…to searching out the truth for yourself rather than just taking someone’s word for it.  Would it really be reasonable to tell someone to question the teachings of the church, but not to question the teachings of this site?  This entire website questions the teachings of men while providing evidence for its own teachings.  Then we are challenged to test this evidence. 

Now to offer my doubts and certainties:

Am I 100% convinced that God is the creator:    YES
Am I 100% convinced that Jesus is the Savior:   YES
Am I 100% convinced that the scriptures are inerrant:   NO
Am I 100% convinced that free will is a myth:   YES
Am I 100% convinced that the earth is only 6K years old:   NO
Am I 100% convinced that I will ever, in this life, know all of the truth:  NO

So therefore, I am 100% convinced that I will have doubts until the day I die….because if I don’t doubt, then I would know everything…and that won’t happen in this life.

I need to make one final comment.  Please don’t take this as me starting an argument, but I believe clarification is needed on the following:

There is a term that describes what you are experiencing called BACKSLIDNG.

To backslide means to lapse morally or in the practice of religion or to revert to a worse condition.  To doubt is not to backslide.  After all, doubt is what brought you here.


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #17 on: September 12, 2008, 12:34:22 PM »

I have 100% NO DOUBT that God knows exactly what I DO and DO NOT understand about Him, and that He loved me first, last and best! Every night I curl up to sleep and ask Him to hold on to my soul and keep me forever! I have 100% NO DOUBT that He will do that, regardless of the process He may have to put me through to accomplish that.

What I HOPE for is to be in the first resurrection....I have no garantee of that....but that's what HOPE is for!
Joyce :)


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #18 on: September 12, 2008, 01:12:18 PM »

To all my brothers & sisters;

       All of your post on this thread are great. I wanted to post on here about having doubt but before I could I had to reread  all of the responses twice. IMO.....If we doubt our faith or our love for our heavenly Father that is when he is trying his hardest to pull us closer. When I start doubting if I really know the truth, I get this sick feeling deep with in me and I find myself here on this forum reading Ray's material and reading the post and the feeling of doubt goes away. To me its our Father's way of saying HELLO....I AM OVER HERE, WHERE YOU GOING?
        I may be wrong but if we didn't have doubt in the first place and wasn't looking for help with it then we wouldn't have found Ray's site or each other. One way or another we all have had doubt about our past beliefs which led us here. We can still have doubt, but maybe we aren't doubting our faith in our Father but rather our faith in ourselves. Me, myself, and I alone have doubt about  whether I have enough faith or love for our father. Our Father alone will always hold us close to him and keep us safe, when we start to doubt that is when he  pulls us closer to his chest and says I LOVE YOU, AND WILL KEEP YOU SAFE!
         I think having doubt makes us realize we are carnal minded and need a reason we see things the way we do and others don't. Our Father will in time show ALL his love and he knows when, the hour, the day. I have no doubt that someday I will be walking with our father looking out over an ocean and thanking him for his patience with me, and still loving ME. I maybe wrong in this post but, these our only my thoughts and opinions from my carnal mind and heart.
         We all should remember that  just because we have the truth doesn't mean we still can't have doubt about how much we love our Father or how much we show him. He shows us every day when we open our eyes and see this wonderful truth he has given us. Besides giving him our hearts and opening up our eyes to his truth what else have we given him? This is where my doubt really comes in,He has given us so much, and I feel like I haven't given him enough.
                                                    With God's Love & Understanding,


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Re: Does anyone have doubts?
« Reply #19 on: September 12, 2008, 01:35:09 PM »


Kevin (legoman) didn't ask if we had doubts that led us here. He asked if we had doubts SINCE learning the truth God and his whole plan of making mankind into his image.

Luke 9:62  And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Gen 19:26  But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.

Recognizing one has doubt if fine but it still must be cast away into the fire.

Hope this helps,

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