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Author Topic: Christians  (Read 4315 times)

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« on: May 22, 2006, 09:46:11 AM »

Mr. Smith, I have recently found your sights and been engrossed in reading what your ideas and opinions are. I am especially enthused by your abilities to access the original Greek for translation. I have read that you use many books for reference, but, which reference have you found the most accurate? Second. Your articles spark the need to converse with others in me, about your findings. This creates a few problems for me as I am challenged at nearly every point you make, by, what I term as paper Christians. These would be the people who memorize every verse and spew it back at me with the ideas and learning that they were taught since childhood. I have always known that God wanted us to research the words and find "more". But leaving the comfort and safety of the "flock" is a scarey journey alone. There are so many questions that simple people, seeking simple answers and guarantees, just refuse to ask. You seem to address some of these with your battle gear ready. I applaud your determination and faith and admire the curiousity that drives you. As students of God's will and man's words, how may simple people, with simple lives and simple resources find the knowledge that you seem to have been able to tap? I do not wish to take away any belief from the people I speak with, about the ideas and opinions you give us, but, I would love to be able to add to their knowledge and my own. The only reference available to most of the people I speak with, is the KJ Bible, and that seems to be the biggest obstacle to conveying any introduction of information for thought. Where did you attain your knowledge of Greek? Especially the Kione?           Okay, I've written too much and I know your time is limited, so I'll leave you with this. Simply, thanks...........................Robert

Dear Robert:

No, I did not use "many reference books" in writing the material on our site. Besides a few different versions of the Bible I use Strong's Concordance and Wigram's which is keyed to Strong. That's about it.

I know nothing of the Hebrew and Greek languages.  I have never studied Hebrew or Greek--I'm a roofer (we don't use much Greek up on the roofs).  But I do know how to use a Concordance, Dictionary, and Lexicon, besides "e-Sword" on my computer.

You can learn all you need to know from God-ordained teachers and from God Himself through His Holy Spirit.

God be with you,

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