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Author Topic: KJV BIBLE  (Read 1769 times)

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« on: October 06, 2008, 04:23:26 AM »

Is it wrong that, after I've had my life changed by God through Ray, that I cant even open my king James bible and take it serious! I try to read and I get to a section that talks about the devil and the angels he has that fell with him and how they are at war with God and other such stupid nonsense!  I need a better bible, SERIOUSLY! ??? Or is there still good I can get out of it? :-\


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« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2008, 04:32:21 AM »

Certainly you can get much good from the KJV bible. Ray commented in i believe the LOF series that with 2 or 3 words
properly translated the KJ is actually one of the better Translations. (everlasting = aions), (hell = hades or the imperceptible). I read mine daily, have used the same one for 20+ years now.



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« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2008, 05:18:01 AM »

I read a KJV and I'm as picky as anyone!
I use mine as an everyday reading bible, I have a Rotherham's emphasised but it is just to hard to try and read everyday, so I got a KJV.

The Rotherham's I find, is like trying to read a translation of a book and the KJV is just like reading the book.

Hope that makes sense.

It also seems to be easier to memorise the KJV as well.

The KJV isn't so bad if you know where the mistakes are, which is where I find e-sword comes in handy.

Richard D

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« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2008, 06:48:11 AM »


I remember reading where Ray talked about it being impossible trying to translate from one mans language to another man language and saying its not going to be a perfect translation.  Itís like Geo also said where Ray talked about if you change a few words also like everlasting really means anions which means age and hell means Hades.

The wonderful thing is when we read the Bible we know the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts do not have the word hell in them or eternity and we know that Satan was created to do exactly what heís doing and was not a fallen angel.

We know the lake of fire is our God for He is a consuming fire. We also know the Bible is one big parable and that itís highly symbolic.

So we have an advantage when we read the Bible compared to other people when they read the Bible.

So I would say the K.J.V. is safe to read because of our knowledge of these things.
I hope this helps you with youíre insecurities in conjunction with reading the K.J.V.  :)

                 In His Love. Youíre friend and brother in our Lord. Richard.       


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« Reply #4 on: October 06, 2008, 09:41:37 AM »

Hi Imabeliever,

As others have stated, once you understand some of the translation errors of the KJV bible, there is nothing wrong with using this bible. 

If you haven't done so, perhaps you would benefit from reading this paper on the BT homepage.

Here is a small excerpt from this paper by Ray:


I am continually asked which Bible Version is the best? My answer is: There is no best. There are good and better, but how does one know just which one is the best? I use many, and I find them all helpful at times.

Many people believe that understanding the Scriptures has to do with having a "perfect translation" of the Scriptures. I try to tell them that there is no such thing as a "perfect" translation. And even if you read Hebrew and Greek fluently, it is still no guarantee that you will understand what you are reading.
Truth be known, millions who believe that the King James, for example, is a perfect inerrant translation have not a clue as to what is involved in translating from one language to another.  It may be possible to translate a few specific words almost perfectly from one language to another. But once we get into whole sentences, paragraphs, pages, and whole books (written by different people over a period of many centuries, in ancient languages), the task is almost daunting. When considering the enormity of the task, I believe most translators of most Versions have done a satisfactory job.



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« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2008, 10:23:45 AM »

Certainly you can get much good from the KJV bible. Ray commented in i believe the LOF series that with 2 or 3 words
properly translated the KJ is actually one of the better Translations. (everlasting = aions), (hell = hades or the imperceptible). I read mine daily, have used the same one for 20+ years now.


Hello Imabeliever,

                         George is right and Ray mentioned that he uses the King James Version quite often, because most people accept it and " believe " it's the " only True " Bible and won't accept another Version. It's taken from the Textus Receptus(misspelled probably by me) which is loaded with errors, over 1500, I believe, but as George states, if it translated those key words correctly, mentioned above, it would be fine. Also, it would be preferable if the KJV would render the Greek Word Geena, Valley of the Son of Hinnom as GEHENNA, instead of Hellfire. In the NKJV, it's in the footnotes(Gehenna) and some of the Spurious passages of Scripture that Kat has categorized at this Forum are in Parenthesis.
                       Personally, I don't like the King James Version, especially the older ones that use expressions like THOU, SHALT, WILT, SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN, CHARITY; etc, etc, although I do have a copy of the New King James Version and it's LARGE PRINT, so I don't require my reading glasses; What happened to my 20/20 vision, the great sight I had of old;  ;). But in all seriousness, it's probably good to have working knowledge and understanding of the Older Versions of the King James of 1611 and the subsequent years after, I don't have the time and would rather focus on other things and plan to purchase either a CONCORDANT VERSION; YOUNGS LITERAL TRANSLATION; ROTHERHAMS OR THE EMPHATIC DIAGLOTT BY Benjamin Wilson.

                      After leaving the JWS, I discarded all my JW literature, depositing in the Incinerator( the
Gehenna Fire dump and that fire burned out long ago, also;  ;D), with the exception of their Bible Dictionary and their Large Print New World Translation with footnotes, Appendix and built in Concordance. Glad I kept it, even though they translate EVERLASTING from the Greek Aionios and put the expression " All sorts of Men" at 1 Timothy. 4:10 & 1 Timothy. 2:3,4. instead ALL MEN. I kept their Greek Interlinear Bible of the New Testament which exposes their own errors, they don't publish that anymore, fortunately I had a copy, because it's very accurate, except for the Everlasting thing and the Forever and Ever at Rev. 20:10.

                     The most important thing is that your reading your Bible, coupled with Rays Teachings and it isn't collecting dust on some bookcase or in a box in the attic or basement, like unfortunately many peoples Bibles are(collecting Dust),  ;)

                                                      Kind Regards, Samson.



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« Reply #6 on: October 06, 2008, 11:03:04 AM »

Hi Imabeliever,

I'm wondering if maybe it doesn't have to do with the translation.  Those things you talked about, the devil and the angels he has that fell with him and how they are at war with God and other such stupid nonsense!  That is in all Bibles. 

It was hard when I first came into the truth to read in the Bible and feel like I was understanding it.  For a while I was still using my old eyes to read the Bible.  I believe you have to get a really good foundation of understanding these truths and then the Word will start to open up to you.  You will begin to see the spiritual in the things you read, not just the literal in what the words read.  You have to get an understanding of what all that symbolism is about, then you begin to comprehend the deeper spiritual menaing of things.
Here is a section from the first article in the LOF series. ----------------


In many cases it is not difficult to determine whether a verse is literal or not. But, since we use figures of speech so often we tend to forget that much of what we say daily is not literally true. Many of us would hardly be able to carry on a conversation if we had to drop out of our vocabulary every word and every phrase we speak that is NOT LITERALLY TRUE. The English language, as well as all other languages, is just filled with symbolic and metaphorical phrases.

The first eleven verses of Chapter one in Revelation are an introduction regarding where, how, and what John is going to record for us. Much of this introduction can be taken literally, however, not all. Beginning with verse twelve, we are confronted with one symbol after another for the remainder of the entire twenty-two-chapter-book.

Everything written in Revelation is true, but most is not literally true.

The fact is there are many many truths in the Bible that are not literally true.

Jesus "said" that the bread He gave His disciples at the Lordís supper was His body. Yet, Jesus Himself explains in other places that this was not literally true. He gave them literal bread, and not His literal physical flesh. What that bread represented, and symbolized, was indeed, His body--but not his physical body.

Jesus said that the words that he spoke were SPIRIT (John 6:63). Jesus Christ changes not. His words are STILL spirit and they certainly were spirit when John wrote the words of Christ regarding His unveiling or revelation. Just as we physically feed on physical bread for PHYSICAL LIFE, thus also we spiritually feed on Jesus Christís spiritual body for SPIRITUAL LIFE.

Understand this! Some think that by accepting the Scriptures as they are given (in the case of Revelation that means AS SYMBOLS), that somehow this "spiritualizes away" the teaching. What? It is the "spiritual" aspect of these symbols that IS THE REAL THING; THE REAL UNDERSTANDING! Physical things "pass away" whereas spiritual things are eternal! The very FACT that this book is written in "symbols" is proof positive that the understanding of them is SPIRITUAL and not physical or literal.

Symbols, metaphors, and parables ARE NEVER LITERALLY TRUE! But they powerfully demonstrate SPIRITUAL TRUTHS!

"This is the second death--the lake of fire" (Rev. 20:15 and 21:8) is a metaphor that is no more literal than "Jesus taking the bread...said, ĎTake, EAT. This IS My body" (Mat. 26:26).

Paul did not instruct Timothy to "STUDY" the scriptures if a mere casual reading is all that is necessary to comprehend its many deep and profound teachings. On the other hand, I believe that those who have "studied" Godís Word are able to open up much understanding to those who are not called to teach (even babes, or minors as our Lord stated).

I hope that was of some help to you  :)

mercy, peace and love

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