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Author Topic: Going to Heaven  (Read 4826 times)

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Going to Heaven
« on: November 24, 2008, 08:45:19 AM »

    I've been going to a "Christian" school since K5 and am now a senior.
    They've always instilled truth in me but it was until I came across
    your website that I found out that they've only been telling me half of
    the truth. I've been reading a lot.. Especially the bits about hell and
    who belongs there.. But I need to know one thing. You said that the
    Bible says It is God's will and desire to save ALL MANKIND (I  Tim.
    2:4). And God will certain fulfill ALL THAT HE HAS PURPOSED (Isaiah
    46:10-11). And if this is true... And I believe it is, because the
    Bible says so.. It says that we will all be judged and purged of our
    transgressions upon the return of Jesus Christ.. Then why do preachers,
    chaplains, priests, and people like yourself even care, since we will
    all go to heaven? I know about all of the money schemes. Like I said,
    I've been reading a lot. But what is our purpose then if we don't
    really need to lead anyone to him in order to save them from damnation?
    Sincerely,  Stephen

    Dear Stephen:  Do we think that God will "save" everyone by doing nothing?
    It is BY ministries like mine that those God is calling to repentance and into
    a knowledge of the truth, becomes the "firstfruits" of salvation (I Cor. 1:21).  And it will BY
    similar ministries that all will eventually be judged, purified, and saved. (I have
    said nothing regarding "going to heaven."  The Scriptures say nothing regarding
    anyone, ever, "going to heaven.)
    God be with you, Stephen,
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