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Author Topic: Just need to cry to be saved!  (Read 2334 times)

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Just need to cry to be saved!
« on: May 27, 2006, 09:13:59 AM »

WHAT A CROCK!  Why do they always send this unscriptural junk to me?

         Firstly, you’re absolutely right about destiny but I can’t help to wonder how you “stumbled? upon this knowledge.  There can only be two possibilities…either a) you challenged God with angry questions, overcame your fear of Him, and surrendered—at this point you were filled with the most incredible sensation (Light of Spirit) you have ever felt at which time the thoughts in your head were the words of Lucifer who introduced himself to you as God and said “your thoughts are my thoughts and I’ve been with you all along.?  Thus you experienced God-realization which numerous “new age? scribes (Dan Millman, Neal Donald Walsch, Deepok Chopra, David R. Hawkins, Wayne Dyer,  I could go on and on) write about  in the growing New Age Spirituality section of the bookstores.  They call it “enlightenment?, to have the knowledge of good and evil (destiny- which is that God gives you your thoughts…even the evil ones Satan gives is by God’s will.)  Funny how the scribes never give the name of God, they merely say that to know the name of God you must experience Him first.  So if this is how you came to know of destiny then I suppose you’d have no incentive to tell me truth since you would be serving a Liar now.  

        b) But my hope is that you experienced what I did, which is that you were born-again.  One day you were crying, you turned to the Lord for help and asked God for forgiveness of your sins and you said that you accepted Christ as your saviour.  Then out of nowhere the most incredible sensation you have ever felt started in your head and filled the rest of your body, and the thoughts in your head att his moment were the words of the Lord which were “He has forgiven me.  I don’t need to worry anymore.  I’m going to heaven.?  Then you said “thank you? at least once, but probably a few times before the sensation left you as quickly as it came.  At this time you were “born of spirit and water.?  The spirit being that sensation (Holy Spirit---“He has sent the Holy Spirit as proof?) which you had never felt before and it was proof positive for yo u that the Lord is really God and your tears were the water which Jesus spoke of.  Everyone who has been born-again was crying at the time and says “thank you? before the experience is over—no exceptions.  If I told you how I know this you wouldn’t believe me, but I’m writing a book about it…I just hope I have enough time.  I hope you’re serving the Lord as I am, and if you doubt that I am right about the whole “crying and saying thank you thing?, just ask around.  So if you’ve been born-again, I applaud your reading comprehension.  Most Christians don’t understand that God is in complete control and are judgemental, not realizing that when they judge another they judge God for what He has chosen to do with that person.

         Well, hopefully you’ll read this and  respond.    God bless you (whichever One enlightened you).   Sincerely, Leslie
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