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Author Topic: Why is eveyone else wrong and not you?  (Read 5142 times)

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Why is eveyone else wrong and not you?
« on: November 26, 2008, 03:54:59 PM »

Dear Olu:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email:

    Dear Ray,

                  No doubt, I have not read all your writings/papers hence I may find it a little difficult to know your stand scripturally in other doctrinal areas. I agreed that God wants all to be saved and will have all saved because God is Love. Again, it may be true that King James version and other bible versions may have errors in translation from the original Hebrew/ Greek version. But must you see other ministers of the word of God as being blasphemous, money mongers, peddlers of some sort by their interpretation of such errors that is not their making than otherwise.?

    COMMENT:  I have never consciously "seen ministers of the word of God as being blasphemous, money mongers, peddlers of some sort..."  I do, however, consciously see many of those who are not "ministers of the word of God," as "being blasphemous, money mongers, peddlers of some sort..." etc. 


    Look Mr Ray, does it occur to you that these money mongers or peddlers and blasphemous pastors could have been made to be like this because Gods sovereignty is at work. I mean ,God may have wanted J.Hagee, F. Price, T.D Jakes, etc to teach doctrinal errors just for God’s fancy, after all He(God) may prefer that the followers of Jesus should be in bondage of such errors for now.

    COMMENT:  Yes it has occurred to me many times that these are caused to be as they are, and I have stated such on many, many, many occasions.  I would take exception to your choice of words, "God's fancy," however.

     Why did Jesus wanted believers to evangelise now Matt.28:18-20, Mk.16:1517 when he knows they all will still be saved at resurrection even if they die a sinner. Why does God want man/believer  to live morally pure when He knows the fire of judgement at resurrection will purge all and make us holy.

    COMMENT:  Two reasons:  first, the Gospel and evangelizing is for the purpose of being a witness against the unbelievers, and second, God uses the Gospel and the foolishness of evangelizing to save those whom He calls to believe now (I Cor. 1:21).

     Finally, don't you think or will you not suggest that every Christian should trash other version of bibles since it is repleted with errors and that all should go to Greek or Hebrew school in order to enhance themselves with brilliance of the greek/Hebrew version of the scripture.

    COMMENT:  I have never, ever, ever suggested or even thought that I or anyone should "trash" any version of the Scriptures. I use many translations and versions and have found them all helpful at times.  And it certainly is not necessary to study Greek and Hebrew to understand when certain verses are grossly inaccurate. There are other aids that can be used effectively without having a working knowledge of Hebrew and Greek.


     Ray, you agreed it may be possible for you to have errors in some of your papers but you have never pointed one out though you are very quick to bring the one others out. I mean, why should all be wrong and not you.

    COMMENT:  Your statement is totally wrong. I have pointed out and stated on many occasion that I had been deceived in the past regarding orthodox Christian doctrines. Here, for example, is the opening statement the very first collection of four sermons that I critiqued under the general heading of:  EXPOSING THOSE WHO CONTRADICT:

    Dear Dr. Kennedy:

    My name is Ray Smith and I love the Scriptures. But I marvel how God's Word is being misrepresented today in such an organized worldwide effort..

    There was a time when I too believed many of the unscriptural teachings of modern theology. I see now how the God of Christendom is presented to the world as a God of meager and scant success in the running of His creation resulting in a minuscule reward for His well-intentioned efforts.

    I know your answer to this will be but you have wrong me scripturally, so no point. My brother, that will be baseless since every scriptures that is not directly culled from the Hebrew/greek version will be translation error full, why bugging.

    COMMENT:  Sorry, but I don't understand what you are trying to say in those two statements.

                In short, if God will still save us at the end , we should continue in our wickedness as Rom 1:28-31, Gal.5:19-21 ,I cor 6:9 afterall that should be his purpose for us for now.

    COMMENT:  Yes, if that is what you feel your purpose is for now, then I guess that is how you will live your life for now regardless of what I or the Scriptures teach.

    God be with you,


                Remain Blessed Bro.Ray

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