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Author Topic: Revelations  (Read 5775 times)

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« on: December 04, 2008, 07:10:04 PM »

I have read revelation. several times and have told several people that it is a depiction of the struggle of the Christian mans walk .the triumphs and struggles .i get a look that says yeah right.we are earth we are the temple and so forth .i am encouraged after reading beast .666 that you wrote.that i am  am not to far off base in my understanding.i ask people searching for answers this question.WHAT CHANGED PETER FROM THE FIRE BARREL EXPERIENCE TO THE DAY OF PENTECOST one could give me an answer that made sense.tonight it all made sense thank you. i still have one question how long do we have to wait for the day of the Lord to happen in my life.i see the beast and it is still alive in me does it ever die
the whole thing you wrote about is true in me the beast is me fallen from first love etc.whats next i feel empty. james PS Ive done the church way all my life sinners prayer baptism the works and feel empty.i see it but how do i obtain it.i need the rev elation of Christ in me i want what changed peter to happen in me.

Dear James:  What changed Peter was the Holy Spirit that granted him true repentance.
This gift of grace is given by God to whom He wishes, when He wishes. There is nothing I can tell you to speed up God's process with each individual whom He is calling out of Babylon.  Yes, the beast will die, but it takes time and patience. Keep reading, praying, and obeying--God will honor your worship.  Sometimes it takes years.  We would all like instant spiritual gratification when we come to a knowledge of the truth, but we are to "grow in grace and knowledge," and that takes time and patience.
God be with you,
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