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Author Topic: Beast  (Read 3656 times)

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« on: May 29, 2006, 10:45:47 AM »

Hey Ray,
    I just stumbled upon your website and began to read..
    to make a long email short I will simply ask you a couple of  questions.
    1st. since we already know that a Beast represents a Ruling empire (as in Daniels interpretation to Nebby)
    how then can I (we) each individually be the Beast and make war with the saint's and force the world to accept our mark without which we can neither buy nor sell?
    and 2nd. at what point to I morph into ASSYRIA/GERMANY and recreate the Holy(or unholy)Roman empire with the Catholic church riding me? just as has been the case during EVERY other brutal ruling empire bent on world domination?   I don't have any nuclear weapons and therefore I cannot possibly cause most all flesh to be destroyed!!!!nor do I control ten kings or have feet of iron mixed with clay!!
    please advise... I seem to be quite confused!
    Dear Russ:  Let me ask you: "Since our nation is made up of millions of individual citizens, how can the citizens BE the nation?"  Pretty silly, huh?
    This "beast" of Revelation is made up of millions of  "citizen beasts."  There are MANY. God is called OUT A FEW OF THEM:  "Come OUT of her My PEOPLE...." (Rev. 18:4).
    As for Assyria/Germany, well that is just the imagination of carnal men. The book of Revelation knows nothing of a "Assyria/Germany."  Also, if the Catholic Church is the Whore of Rev. 17, just who do you suppose are her DAUGHTER HARLOTS?  And where then does that leave YOU?
    God be with you,
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