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Author Topic: Time  (Read 2683 times)

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« on: December 24, 2008, 11:48:46 AM »

Dear Adolfo:  Although I have one thousand seventy-nine unanswered emails ahead of yours that I have retained for answering, I will give you a short answer as it appears you are attempting to contradict my most recent Bible Study on "Another look at time and eternity."  I will make just one your email:

    Time is a physical quantity. There are four basic physical quantities to describe the entire physical world which can not be defined, that is why they are called fundamental physical quantities. You have to grasp them intuitively, that it through sensory experiences. For example: I either describe what a chair is using already defined concepts or just show you a chair and tell you look at this, touch it, smell it bite it and so on..the tell you "this is a chair".
    That is exactly what happens with: Time, Lenth, Mass and Electrical Charge. No one can explain origin, but every body can experience them and the whole physical sciences can be derived from them. You might ask: What is time? You might answer: Time is the duration between two events "A" and "B", then you might ask: Which event was first? for one observer the event "A" occurred first, that is, the light coming from "A" arrived first to him. For another observer the event "B" occurred first, that is, he was closer to event "B". For another observer both events occurred at the same time, there was no time between the occurence of the events.
    COMMENT:  Wrong!  It matters not how many are observing an event from different perspectives or distances. The "events" did occur at different intervals in relation to each other, but it may not appear to be so from the perspective of different observers.  You even state that"For another observer the event "B" occurred FIRST..."  How can there even be such a thing as "first and second" if there IS NO TIME?  Then we also have the problem which you didn't address:  Observer A and B are observing an event that is to happen.  Was there time "before" the event happened, and also time "after" the event happened?  There again, there IS TIME.   Also notice your own contradiction:  "...both events occurred at the SAME TIME, there was NO TIME..."  What? There was time, but there was NO time?  Like I said in my study it is almost impossible to even speak of a situation in which there is no time without using the word "TIME." Of the "increase" of God's Kingdom, there will be NO END.  Increase is impossible if eternity is totally stagnant.  Increase involves going from one quantity and quality to another, and this is the very definition of time.
    God be with you,

    So, time is just a physical quantity for men to describe the physical world that constraints him. If we say that God needs time, we implied that He moves and occupies different positions in space, which implies that He Himself is contained in a physical world. For you and me is impossible to comprehend how God existed before there was space. Just like it is impossible for an ant to comprehend the three dimensional space. That is why we start insulting one another, because we want to described and reduce God to our finite state.
    Just a comment.
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