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Author Topic: Spiritual Coward  (Read 5892 times)

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Spiritual Coward
« on: May 30, 2006, 11:49:04 AM »

What doctrine do you adhere to?
God did not create evil, but the knowledge...which was to make man aware of to avoid.  Man chose evil over good....
The Bible...2 Tim 3:16-17
The Bible does not contradict itself AND is inerrant
Study Romans
God has two wills; a desire for man created in His image, and His omnipotent, sovereign will.
Christ suffered not so much bearing the sin of an eternity, but the eternity of separation from The Father.
your commentary only deals with partial the Da Vinci Code, Gnoticism and Open Theology.

Dear Spiritual Coward:
What part of my request to your accusations did you NOT understand?
Dear "Epistemological Bull"
Perhaps you would like to do a little epistemological research of your own, and then quote ONE STATEMENT from any of my papers and prove it wrong with TWO SCRIPTURES?   I have challenged hundreds and hundreds of spiritual cowards in the past to give it a try.  So far?  Zero!  Perhaps you will be the first?  Then again maybe not.  I will now hold my breath..................................
For the second time,
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