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Author Topic: If Anyone Can Read and Understand all of this then YOU should be a moderator  (Read 4345 times)

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Dear Archie:  WOW--WHAT A CROCK!  Do you actually talk like you write?  Weird!
PS   My name is "Ray," not "Raymond."

    -------------- Original message --------------
    From: Archie
    Mr. Raymond Smith;  Because you did NOT take the initiative to respond on the extremely gentle admonishment of my original letter to you, , , I now feel obligated to state an ultimatum, and that being, that you PUBLISH my letter VERBATUM, as received herein, together with this notation also, as they both appear here, , ON your website as the most recent thus in the respective file thereof, and WITH my letter, publish your direct apology for having so seriously misled your readers on such as an Eternal life and death critical matter. That is ALL I expect of you sir, and if it would make it any easier, you need only publish this follow-up WITH the publishing of MY letter herein following, so as to commun icate to your readers, that -
    It is with genuine sincerety that you publish this notation from Archie, to communicate to all your readers, that you are VERY sorry for having made such profanely damning remarks as are certain to have resulted in some souls being cast into everlasting hell fire, precisely as the rich man is recorded to yet be experiencing, and also, that to confirm the depth of your seriousness, henceforth and for the next eighteen months, your website shall remain un-changed thus, without any further additions or deletions thereto, so that all who happen onto it, can witness your apology from the logically sound realization of having been totally wrong in so many of your remarks, and so much so, that you deem it wiser to let this admission speak for itself and never again post ANYthing to the web, NEVER, , for fear of damning your soul in hell, as SHALL be the case without question, if you FAIL to heed and hearken unto this very simple admonishment to cease and desist from all further remarks concerning The Bible, , and NOTE, that if in any way or manner, your apology the least infers self-excusal, I shall consider this matter closed, and with the understanding that in fact, you hadn't the least intention of making a serious apology to anyone for anything, because of NOT wanting to openly admit your error, so as to be openly noted as desirous of forgiveness for such gross misconduct as infering that God is neither Eternal NOR Everlasting, or that He stated it was His intent to punish Job, and these two instances of your profane ministry being used as examples of the many, many other such instances of gross, spiritual misconduct and abominational discord as ranks no less than worthy of absolute damnation in everlas ting hell fire that you claim doesn't exist, even though God Himself is recorded as stating that the rich man is yet there.
    Mr. Raymond Smith; In closing sir, although a genuine man of God wouldn't hesitate to honor such sobering request, I shall allow until mid-month for you to respond positively and thereafter, if when visiting on the 16th to learn of your decision in this matter, I note that you have chosen to NOT honor this exceptionally simple and humble request, at that time, I shall CLOSE this matter between you and I and He Whom you proclaim as a NON-entity, and Eternally thereafter sir, retain Bible permitted "ought" against you, so that no matter how long you leave whatever Mat.5:23-24 gift at the altar, while seeking to make amends with me, I shall reFUSE to acknowledge your request thus, regardless of whatever it may be that you desire to communicate to me , and PERManently.

      Archie   - Servant Friend of The Most High God,

Original Email
        Subject: =A=CRITICAL=INQUIRY= of life and death substance as pertains to Rev.22:18-19

        Granted, until we've breathed our last, we ALL are capable of error, BUT, , in consideration of the reality that we BOTH are more than well versed on The Bible, , I have only three, intended to be personable questions:
        Isa. 45:7,  "I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace [good], and CREATE EVIL;  I the LORD DO ALL THESE THINGS."
        1 - Isa. 45:7, Are you not consciously aware of The Bible =PROOFS= that confirm the unreasonably obvious interpretation of Isa.45:7, as being totally wrong?  My Bible confirmed understanding of this reference, is based on the original recording of this instance that contained what this transaltion is entirely missing, and because YOU also, are so very adept at noting such discrepancies, I do seriously suggest that you take the time to confirm such reality as this refering to God having created the =CAPACITY= for evil, because, , there is no record that can be legitimately interpreted as the least inferring that in fact, God did or does actually create EVIL, , , but only the capacity for such, similarly as there not being any Bible confirmation of God having directed satan to punish Job, although that CAN be an easily adopted understanding amidst the brevity of that record that is merely to confirm and further establish God's Foundational priority of consideration for His Servant Job. In other words, while God was praising Job, satan was attempting to discredit Job's commitment and in the process of that discussion, in modern English expression, God said,
            "O.K.; to prove the point as being what I've stated, go to, test and try him however you please, aside from taking his life.", , and I think you'll agree, that trying & testing are entirely different than that of punishing.
            Note, Raymond, that even MY rendition of this reference, doesn't contain the least inference of God directing satan to in any way or manner PUNISH Job, , but only gives satan permission to prove a point, in a manner of speaking, and in conclusion thereof, Job was a better man and even much RICHER, because of God's commendational consideration of him to this extent.
        2 - Although I accept historical reality as per specific instance confirmed thus, I DON'T accept the negative connotation that you've failed to prevent from being communicated in your statement, ,
            The words "everlasting" "evermore," "forever," "for ever AND EVER[?]," and "eternal" are nowhere found even once in any Hebrew or Greek manuscript from which our modern language bibles are translated.
            , , and, that FALSE connotation BEing, that the definitions of the words you quote as NOT being contained in the original manuscripts, are not OTHERwise contained therein either. Tell me Raymond! Would there be any need to translate, if the words of whatever other language were the same? Is it possible Raymond, , that you could have intended otherwise, than to directly and thoroughly deceive with such unfounded remark?
            Stated differently, by presenting this specific fact of reality in the manner you've recorded it thus, you very surely communicate the falsehood that even a remotely related definition or comprehension of such reality as the words you've slated as not being original, , were not the least intended to be an inclusion of any Bible record, , when in Bible confirmed fact, that is NOT the case, although to YOUR discredit thus, because regardless of how seriously comprehensive whatever correction, IF any, , always, there'll be some of those you've convinced wrongly, whose minds you'll never persuade otherwise, AFTER the fact, and THAT shall be DAMNATIONally CO$TLY to you.
            So, I ask whether you'd consider a DIFFERENT manner of approach in all such instances of response, because OTHerwise, such as in this specific instance alone, directly infers such absurdity as God being a mere myth, because obviously, if there is NO Biblically confirmable reference to Him being such as is without beginning of life or end of days, that in some instances of English, is interpreted as being FROM everlasting TO everlasting, OR Eternal, , then the readers' understanding is, , that in fact, he/she is wasting precious, un-replacable time even thinking of such as an immutable God, "if you've succeeded in persuading whatever readers to accept as indisputable reality, that such words as those you quote, have NO place in The Bible.
            What "I've" found to be especially helpful in such instances, is to NOT send, post, or publish ANYthing, until my review editors can assure me beyond ALL possible doubt, that the words I've used, can NOT be logically or sanely interpreted as communicating OTHER THAN that which I've intended.
        3 - Although 5 years of ministering isn't even a decade, has it not provided more than sufficient time and experience for you to have composed whatever Bible related and substantiated CONFIRMATION of your ministry? To state it differently, what I be asking is, , after so many -thousands- of hours spent in Bible study, , have you NO explicitly and referentially recorded Bible backing what-so-ever, that refers directly to YOUR specific ministry, even if not an obvious prophecy fulfillment? Granted, you may reply, but my prior profession was in ROOFing, , and to that, I'd reply, "So WHUT!", , that requires conSIDerably more knowledge and skill than mere TENT making that T he Bible Paul busied himself at, even during low-income ministry times . . .
            I inquire thus, for the simple reason that down through the ages, ALL Providentially inspired men of God have had given to them, an essential and entirely befitting, , proverb? shall we say for lack of a more applicable term that I can't think of at the moment, , and such that confirmed to the readers thereof, that regardless of their personal opinion being stated or with-held, , in Bible confirmed fact, THIS speaker is A MAN OF GOD?
            Your reckoning performance being markedly superior in many ways, and although of its self, providing a distinguishing factor in the minds of many readers, yet is absent of The common, Providentially based factor that down through the ages, has denoted beyond the critical judgements of mere men, that regardless of whether accepting or rejecting your respective teachings, they stand self-evidently confirmed on the basis of, , , , "WHUT", , I ask of you?
            This isn't the least intended to confuse or infer spiritual negligence, but only that, "IN MY PERSONAL OBSERVATION", I NOTE that absence and would suggest it behooving of your ministry, to take the time to seek out and apply such as commendably FILLS that gap, because that which you state as the initializing basis of your ministry, has =NOT= been comprehensively and substantially supported by Holy Scripture, =IF= in fact, you accept such reality as there even being Holy Scripture, that as I understand your perception to be, cannot be even a semblence o f reality, when The Basis for Holyness is neither present nor the least implied amidst stark denunciation of such Reality as Eternal Life being a Foundational Basis Of God's Word, that in proclaiming an historically confirmed ABSENCE of, as I see it, constitutes nothing less than blasphemy. Granted, if I be misinterpreting or misunderstanding your intended message, I request your correction thus, because I too, be only human and too often prone to error, BUT, , is there NOT a manner of communicating such as this and so many others of your notable perceptions, without leaving such stark possibility in the mind of your readers, as there NOT ev en BEING such as an Eternal God and Father of all The Faithful, , or did you never consider the implications involved, that confirm removal of Eternal, denoting a remainder of only temporal?
            If you can squeeeze-in the time for a reply over the heathen season, that would be pleasing, although it isn't expected, because I also have experienced even as many as thousands of letters a day and at one time now well past, felt compelled to isolate major themes therefrom and publish ONE reply to ALL of them, because of the obvious impossibility of ever responding to each in turn, , but regardless, if I've succeeded in communicating as originally intended, then possibly you need not bother yourself with a reply to ME specifically, if that which I've hoped to have brought to your attention, is attended to commendably.
            Also, I must confess that as YOU, I simply do NOT have the time to experience the many ministries of so many others, especially when 99.99999999999999999% of them fall within the definition of Mat.24:5, , and without intending the least offense, had I not stumbled onto a reader's mention of some of YOUR more recent writings, I'd not have felt inspired to be addressing you in this manner, but sincerely hope that my questions may provide cause for personally desired enlightenment as pertains to the humanly difficult task of communicating in total absence of confusing, seeing as even the best minds of this century, haven't been spared that reality in every scenario.
         Archie  Servant Friend of The Most High God
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