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Author Topic: The Flood  (Read 1373 times)

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The Flood
« on: January 10, 2009, 02:41:58 PM »

I noticed that the moderators blocked a post entitled "The Flood".  Well, don't know exactly what it was about, but me being the rebel that I am, I will defy all and start a new post called "The Flood".

I heard much about "The Flood" growing up.  Going to school, I often heard taunts such as "when's the flood, Little Music?" 

Confused?  Well, my parents were so lame that they made me wear way outdated pants to school.  They weren't just hand me downs, I think some were actually, "hand me ups".  They were referred to as "flood pants".  Yep, we're talking Steve Ircle here.  My jeans went so high that Noah's flood would have posed merely a minor inconvenience to them.  So continued the taunts.  "Where'd you get them flood pants Little Music?"  "Little Music and them flood pants".  "When's the tsunami comin Little Music?"  I would go home and complain "aaaah, maaaa, why I gotta wear these high waters?".  She would respond with, "well Little Music, if you don't like them I could always sow ya up some them plaid. . . . . . ."  "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!" I would scream.  So it was off to the land of flood. 

So, ya'll never thought there'd be a happy endin to this one did ya?  Well, revenge is served best, cold.  We was all in the boys room when Fat Boy McFattison decided to do a big old number 2. . .. .no that doesn't cut it.  He did a number  Two!! 

On this glorious day, I was continuously bombarded with "Little Music Flood Pants, Little Music Flood Pants, scared of the day, when the natives do the rain dance".   I was so mad that I couldn't pee.  But then I saw it.  I could see Fat Boy standing up in his stall.  That's when I started grinning at the taunting terrors that had me surrounded.  I pointed to the stall.  They shrieked "don't flush, Fat Boy. . . . . ."

He flushed.

Who saw the Natural?  Remember that part where Redford hit that homer into the lights?  Where not one set of lights exploded but they all exploded?  And the music, da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!  Well, that's sort of what happened here.  Not one toilet exploded, they all exploded sending flood waters to the four corners of the crap house.  Those kids were crying, and complaining about the water and smell. . . . ."my pants r all soaked", they cried.  But guess who's pants remained dry.  Yep, Little Music Flood Pants lit up a stogy, walked out of the flooded house of feces and proclaimed "I love it when a plan comes together".
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Re: The Flood
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2009, 03:47:38 PM »

Little Music Flood Pants!! I am still laughing ;D ;D ahahahahaa! Oh you are just too weird! :o

We were looking at our sons' school pictures one day and my son said, "Mom! Were we so poor back then that we had to wear high waters?? Why are we wearing PLAID in this one picture? MOM!!!" He looked at his sons and said, "Guys, I promise you with every breath that's in me that YOU guys will NEVER, EVER dress like that!" 8) they are just too cool to dress like that!! Well you know no one made fun of them because they were surrounded by the "Poor" kids, THEY ALL DRESSED GEEKY!

Poor Little Music Flood Pants! You were just ahead of your time & hey, you DID get your revenge! :o Now you were the freshest smelling boy in class!

Awwwww... ;)
Kathy :)
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