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Author Topic: Thanks  (Read 2207 times)

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« on: May 31, 2006, 10:15:29 AM »

Dear Ray,
I have spent the last year and a half reading (and re-reading) all of
your major "Papers".
At first, I was very resistant to your writings. But now, through the help of God, I understand the vast gulf that existed between me and the
real truth. You have been very blessed, and thru you, so have I. I was
baptized Catholic as a child, went to catholic schools, including high
school. In my lifetime I believe I only missed "Mass" twice, except when
I was in Korea. I attended a school for laymen intended to teach
religion to kids that attended "Public" schools. I taught in three
different schools, do to our moving, for about seven years. When after
teaching about catholic "confe ssion" and explaining that the church was
beginning to say it was no longer necessary, I was confronted by the
pastor and an assistant. They admitted that what I was teaching was
correct, but they were afraid it might cause people to lose their faith.
I asked if they were afraid the people would lose their faith in God, or
in the church. After that confrontation I realized the clergy were more
interested in church teachings than God's teachings. I then did the hardest act of my life' I left the church. I actively tried to discard
all of my beliefs, churches, Jesus Christ, the so called Blessed Virgin,
communion, etc, and was pretty successful. Except I could not discard my
belief in God himself. No matter how hard I tried, God would not forsake
me: For several years I tried to cast God out of my life and dealt with
the sorrow of being alone. Then one evening, sitting at the table
reading, Almighty God opened my mind and I saw Jesus Ch rist as my
savior. I have a wife and 6 children. Within two months, my wife and
four of the children were also led to Christ and were rebaptized.
Lately the fifth became a confirmed believer (at the age of 60).

I read your first paper at the age of 74 and am now 76. You have
completely changed my life. What you are writing is the truth, the first comprehensive truth I have ever recognised, and I want to thank you for
sharing the gift God gave you with me, and others like me.
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