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Author Topic: Aionos  (Read 4074 times)

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« on: June 03, 2006, 06:16:27 PM »

Dear Ray,
First, I want to thank you for your dedication toward the task you have undertaken.  From your writings, you are clearly very literate in the Word and very confident that your testimony is the truth and the truth is my main interest here.
I'm very confused about the controversy surrounding the definition of Aion, Aionios.  My Greek dictionary (The complete Word Study Dictionary [New Testament] by Spiros Zodhiates Th.D.) defines it as eternal, perpetual, not limited by time.  If it is correct, then wouldn't forever or eternal be accurate translations?  Or is my dictionary basing its definitions on the KJV translation - I know some Concordances do that and they can often be misleading.  How can I find out for sure what the right translation of this word is?  How did you arrive at the conclusion that this word does not mean eternity or forever?  How did you determine that eon is the closest English equivalent of aion?
I'm kinda new at all this and I'm doing my best to understand why there is such a difference betwen what my pastor teaches and what you teach.  I have to admit that your teaching appears to make more sense, but I'm being torn in two directions and I want to be sure I make the right choice for the right reasons.  Can you please help me to understand this topic better?  Thanks and may God's will always be the path for your life!

Dear Gary:
Everyone who is "new at all this" as you say, has many many questions. That is the reason I have written many hundreds of pages of material. I cannot possibly answer any questions by emails giving ten or twenty for one hundred pages of explanation. Therefore, you will have to read the material on our site. First read my paper on our home page: "IS EVERLASTING SCRIPTURAL."  This paper will answer 99% of your questions. Then read the Lake of fire seres, the paper WHICH BIBLE TRANSLATION IS BEST, read the first ten pages of my critique of Hagee's "SEVEN WONDERS OF HELL," etc.
God be with you,
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