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Author Topic: Rejoice  (Read 2893 times)

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« on: June 05, 2006, 04:18:02 PM »

Dear faithful man of God, Thank you for being just that. For the first time in my life,my spiritual life,God has raised up a man who can let these eyes see and these deaf ears hear. How many times has God shown me His wondrous messages and I put the Word down because it was to much for me to handle.How many times I quickly left the room because it scared me that God would let one such as I catch a glimpse of truth that all the preachers in my life couldn't tell me. You can't imagine how many churches I have gone to,but always finding them lacking. Oh thank God,thank, God,I can stop feeling like a church rat,scurrying from church to church never getting even the crumbs falling from the rich man's table. It took me two days to get through Lasurus and the rich man. I asked God to let me know the meaning so that your paper could confirm it like it usually does for me,but He did not and I had to savor it bite by bite,morsel by morsel,like manna from Heaven. How hard it must be for a mortal man to carry such truths in his heart. I pray that Apostle Paul's humbleness be a blessing to you also. I want to tell everyone I know that I have been set free from the fear of hell.  Remember---Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray the Lord my soul to keep,If I should die before I wake,I pray the Lord my soul to take.-----Is that not an unbelieveable prayer to teach a little kid. Didn't make me want to know a lord who would take me in my sleep. God has lighten my load,thanks be that He sent you to help me carry the rest.
Sincerely in Jesus

Dear Marilyn:
It does make one want to "rejoice," doesn't it?  "Rejoice in the Lord always, and AGAIN I say, REJOICE"!! (Phil. 4:4).  But first we must have something to rejoice about.
God be with you,
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