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Author Topic: Kingdom  (Read 2885 times)

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« on: June 05, 2006, 10:31:43 PM »

Hi Ray,
    I've watched your videos on Mike's site. They were very good except for the sound was often too low. Are you saying that no one from the OT will be in the 1st. resurrection? In Heb. 11 it mentions a number of people who suffered that v.35 they might obtain a better resurrection. Luke 13:28 says the patriarchs will be in the K. of G. while others are denied entrance at that time. I understand that all will eventually receive eternal life. Is it not correct to say that all will enter the Kingdom  (which lasts forever and is handed to the Father) after receiving eternal life 1sr. Cor. 15:24; Dan. 7:27?
    May God continue to use you to free many of us from our enslavement to HWA's teaching.
    Dear Mel:
    The fact that some will enter into the Kingdom before others, does not necessarily mean that those will, therefore, be in the first resurrection.  Remember that in judgment some will be given few stripes (as I suspect the patriarchs of old will be), and other MANY stripes, which indicates that those with many stripes will come in at a later time. In Rev. 21 we see people entering into the city, but without, there are those who are not as yet entering in.
    Read verse 40 of Heb. 11:  "God having provided some better thing for US [for 'us' not 'them']. that THEY without US should NOT be made perfect"  It is only through US, that THEY will thereafter [after the first resurrection] be perfected (make complete).
    Even King David (a man after God's Own heart), died a MURDERER.  He appointed his son Solomon as a hit man to KILL David's enemies after he was gone.  And James tells us that "he who hates his brother is a murderer, and no murderer has eternal [eonian] life abiding in him."
    God be with you,
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