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Author Topic: Old testament?  (Read 3196 times)

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Old testament?
« on: December 14, 2011, 10:08:44 PM »

Hi Ray,

  It's been awhile since I have emailed you so I hope your health
condition has improved or is at least tolerable.

  Just a quick question/concern which I hope you will be able to help
me out with. This friend of mine, who is not a believer, sometimes in
conversation will bring up my faith. One topic I have had a hard time
defending is the Old Testament. I know God had some tough
commandaments which included some harsh and violent punishments on
people throughout the Old Testament. My friend would constantly quote
random scriptures in the Old Testament and say to me "you believe in a
God that would command this or do that?"

  Ray, this is one area I haven't fully grasped enough to explain.
What happened in the Old Testament doesn't really hurt my faith but
how can I put it into prospective for him to understand?

Thank you Ray for whatever answer you can provide,

Your brother Matthew

Dear Matthew:

Thank you for your concern for my health.  Actually it has gotten
considerably worse the past month.  I can hardly walk now.

Concerning your "quick question," Matthew, I almost have to
chuckle.  Your quick question is the single most difficult question
in all theology to answer. You say this is "one area that I haven't
fully grasped enough to explain."  Matthew, there is not a teacher
or theologian on earth who has "fully grasped" this topic.  No one
has an adequate answer for this question, and to even discuss
it would take fifty or a hundred pages.  Certainly not something
that could be answered quickly in an email.  I have some thoughts
on the subject, but nothing that I wish to discuss at this time.  There
are times that we really do have to live by faith and not sight.  Hope
you understand.

God be with you,

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