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Author Topic: Christians  (Read 4668 times)

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« on: February 24, 2007, 05:15:02 PM »

There are far more Christians in Africa (which as everyone knows is very poor) and China (which is a rich economy full of poor common folk) than there are in the US, UK, Germany and France which you define as "Christian countries".

        Dear Caleb:

        I am not sure I understand the purpose for your email? Do you think I am putting down Africa and China?  Is China classified as a "CHRISTIAN nation?" Various authorities estimate the number of Christians in China as high as 70 million and as low as 14 million. Others say that 30 million is probably closer to the truth. That would mean that there are at least four or five hundred percent more Christians in American than in China.

        And as for Africa, is it a "nation" or "country" AT ALL.  I thought it is a "continent?" As for the number of Christians by continents, Europe has the highest number, followed by South America.

        Below are the two quotes from my paper on "The Towers," regarding "Christian nations" or "Christian countries." Do you know what it means to read things "in context?"  I do not see where I have mis-spoken or mis-represented anyone:

        "And so we have a prophecy about Godís people, Judah/Israel (the Christian nations of Northwestern Europe, Australia, South America, Canada, and AMERICA) who look to their wealth and to the strength of foreign nations for protection from their enemies. Not that it ever entered into their minds that some of the nations they have alliances with to protect them, ARE THEIR ENEMIES.

        One more statistic based on religion. If we add the GNP of the next three wealthiest Christian countries (Germany, Britain, and France) to Americaís GNP, it would be greater than all the other 190 countries of the world COMBINED! So trust me when I say that America figures more prominently in end time prophecy than any other nation on earth."

        God be with you,


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