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Author Topic: Truth  (Read 2111 times)

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« on: July 13, 2008, 09:54:16 PM »

Well, there you have it. A four-year seminary student (or his professor) couldn't have
explained it better (or WORSE).  Brilliant.

    > One thing id about you story on Hell every one will not go if you don't
    > except Jesus as Lord and savior while you are alive in the flesh there
    > are no second chances. Not wanting to give your life to Christ and then
    > excepting the mark of the best of (the Devil) to total worship and then
    > going through the 7 year tribulation to be cast in hell waiting your
    > judgment day. Then for you to say they will go through the same fire as
    > we do when we are ruptured. I don` think so God clearly tells us that
    > the fire that they will suffer for not excepting Jesus as lord and
    > savior is a fire of sulfur and heat to fell the pain of the fire but not
    > burn up. Hell was made for the devil and the fallen angels so it is
    > going to be a pain they will feel and the worms eating and your
    > spiritual body and the demons tormenting day and night. There is a lot
    > more the bible has to say that you are avoiding. Jesus tells us in the
    > last days that there will be those trying to deceive the masses that do
    > believe in his word. I think you need to really set down with your own
    > convictions and quick writing things that you do not have the total
    > truth to. To many people will start to follow your teachings and Jesus
    > tells us to be careful not to lead any one astray. Not to add to or take
    > away of the words written or some of you portion of the tree of life
    > will taken.
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