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Author Topic: Thank You  (Read 2278 times)

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Thank You
« on: February 13, 2009, 10:43:16 PM »

Dear MR Smith.

I was turned on to your website from my father. He is where I get a lot of my religious guidance these days due to the fact that I have a hard time believing men of the church. God has blessed me with a very inquisitive nature so I question a lot of things I have learned in the church. When I was about 12 years old I turned to god by guidance of a friend of mine and became an apostolic penecostal. It was a very intense experience for me, but I always wondered how god has taught us to love all but would cast us in to such a place as hell. I have pondered that for many years and was not able to come up with a normal conclusion on mainstream religion. I stepped away from the church a few years later because I was not able to understand what they believed and they did not agree with my thoughts in the idea of hell. After a few years I decided to go to a new church that was just a Christian &nbs p;non-denominational church thinking that it would rely more on the scriptures and the word of god and our savior thatís right I said our savior Jesus Christ. And everything was ok for a little while. I took my wife and children there and they all felt very good, but I just felt that something wasnít right. Than the new year came upon us and they wanted to have a meeting with all of the members of the church. When my wife and I went to the meeting we were shocked to learn that it was a meeting to discuss in detail how much money we were going to make the following year and how much were going to promise to the church in tithes! I decided that though I didnít feel that I needed to give so much money the church was doing good for my family so I would do my part. Then one Sunday rather than having an actual service the entire church had more or less an investment presentation showing us the level of growth that the church wanted over the next few years. They told us that they had deci ded that they needed to build a 16 by 20 room on the side of the church and I would cost the church 200,000! They told us that god had told them to build this room and as members of the church it was our responsibility to fund this and hear the word that god wanted this room, and if we did not want to help pay for it that they no longer needed us as members of the church. At that moment I got up gathered my family and walked away from the church. A few weeks later the pastor of the church came to me while we were shopping and asked why I did not feel that I should pay for such a room and I told him that I could not believe that the lord would want us to pay for such a room when so many people are dying of starvation. He did not understand I told him that I would never come back because I didnít agree with their belief that money comes before people, but I digress. I really like your site and I feel like finally someone understands that man has been controlled by this horrible false hood of hell as a way to keep people from doing such bad things. God loves all of man we are his children and in Christ all sins will be forgiven. Thank you for standing up to Christendom and going solely form the scriptures instead of what man tries to interpret the word of god to be so that it conforms to their lives. We will all be saved! So it is written so it shall come to pass.

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