Tithing is Unscriptural Under the New Testament

It is a Sin to Enforce Tithing on New Testament Christians!

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Sowing Spiritual Seed is UnBiblical - part 1  -  part 2



Ray Critiques 3 Damnable Sermons on the Hell Hoax + Lazarus Parable

1. John Hagee The Seven Wonders of Hell
2. Dr. James Kennedy What About Those Who Have Never Heard?
3. Dr. James Kennedy Denying God's Responsibility to Save Africans
4. Lazarus and the Rich Man  Lazarus / Rich Man are Dead Awaiting Judgment

Hell is a Christian Hoax
L. Ray Smith debunks the Christian doctrine of an eternal hell while giving
a Scriptural critique and commentary on New York Times best selling book
"23 Minutes in Hell"  by Bill Wiese

23 Minutes in Hell is a Hoax (YouTube)

You Fools! You Hypocrites! You Snakes!
Meet the Real Jesus Many Hate 

Solving The Enigma Of God

Why Does God Love You?

HD Video - Does God Learn?
Where does God's Knowledge and Wisdom Come From?

1. Revelation is a Book of Symbols   9. The Lucifer Hoax - Mission of Satan
2. The Origin of Satan, Evil, and Sin 10. The Synagogue of Satan - One Near You
3. Judgment Begins at the House of God 11. The Depth of Satan - Who is Antipas?
4. Seeing and Understanding the Invisible 12. God Judges the World in a Pond
5. Scriptural Explanation of the Lake of Fire 13. Who is the Beast? - 666?
6. The Two Judgments by FIRE 14. The Beast Within
7. Heresy Came Long Before Biblical Errors 15. A.   The Myth of "Free Will" Exposed
B.   The Myth of "Free Will" Exposed
C.   The Myth of "Free Will" Exposed
D.   The Myth of "Free Will" Exposed
8. Where is the Church Jesus Built? 16. A.   Hell: Sheol Translated Grave
B.   Hell: Sheol Translated Hell
C.   Hell: Origin of Endless Punishment
D1  Hell: The Christian hell is a HOAX
D2  Hell: Tophet and Molech in Hinnom
D3  Hell: Sermon On The Mount for You
D4  Hell: Gehenna Fire Judgment
E.   Hell: Hades and the Second Death
Hungarian "Lake of Fire" Translation
Spanish "Lake of Fire" Translation

Ray Reveals His Creed
Better if Judas had not been born
12 Truths to Understanding His Word None of the wicked shall understand; but the Wise shall understand (Daniel 12:10)
Closed Trinity or Expanding Family God Is Not A Trinity Of Three Persons
Exposing the Secret Rapture Theory A Divisive Theory Deceiving Millions!
Speaking In Unknown Tongues A God-given Spiritual Manifestation of the Spirit or Carnal Physical Display of Flesh?
Winning Souls for Jesus? Two Billion Strong and Counting
Paul's "Splinter in the Flesh" Its Identity Revealed
"Ray is a Cult" - Florida Bible College Ray answers Bible College professor
Ray answers many emails - Sample: "Doctor" challenges Ray's Knowledge
Is "Everlasting" Scriptural? A wanna-be scholar challenges Ray
The Kiss of Death Is your love pure or fake?
Which Bible is Best? The King James Not Translated Directly from Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts
An Encouraging Word About Death What is the State of the Dead?
Praying by God's Rules God's Prayer Rules - Simple but Not Easy
Is Homosexuality a Sin for NT Believers? Does Jesus condemn homosexuality?
Unequally Yoked Marriage and Unbelievers

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Questions & Answers about Tithing

Why Are We Here?

Do You Believe We Have Free Will?
They shall put You out of the Synagogues The UN-Pardonable Sin? Hell Fire
I Curse Your Website! Why all the Hostility toward Dr. Kennedy? Hal Lindsey
Why Are You So Angry? What did God 'Will' for Adam and Eve? Thank You
More questions on the word "aion" It has been a Great Pleasure Is God Really Sovereign?
More on the Trinity What do you have Against Witnesses? Why Won't my Friends & Family Listen?
Is God to Blame for all this Suffering? Israel not "cursed with a curse" - Mal. 3:9 Wiccan Thank You
Does the Lord Make Things Complicated? Thank You Thank You
How Grateful I Am Extremely Mixed-up Theology Were Peter and Paul divided?
Saved in grace through faith Thank You More - Why Am I Here?
Is Satan Lucifer? Overcoming Spiritual Cowardliness Are you a Cult?
Do we need Water Baptism? What Must I Do to Be Saved? Searched 35 years - Rich Man & Lazarus!
What Church? Your Scriptural Ignorance! Who are you, what is your background?
Are You Inferior? (speaking in tongues) Which Day is the Christian Sabbath? Why do you have such a Poor Attitude?
Why would God force anything? Thank you for More Understanding More on Sovernity
Venomous Accusations I am Enthralled Does God Tempt?
So much knowledge? What is Salvation? Why would God Create Evil?
I read and cry, read and cry. Evil Serves Many Noble Purposes Thank You, Thank You
Jesus Actual Name? How to Pronounce Gods Name Why Pray?
What is "Eonian life?" Punk Rock & Rock & Roll? Islamic and Jewish faith?
Better Judas Never Born? Who Chooses to go to Hell? Evolution
What Bible should I Buy? Can we Pray For Things? Holy Roman Empire
I am SO Afraid! You twist the words of Dr. Kennedy Get your head out of the sand!
Thank You Why build the Tower of Babel? What is your stance on Healing?
Is the Bible Full of Errors? Does God Try Us? Only a Fool would deny it
You are Accountable, not Responsible Stop Trying to "Save Yourself" Every Knee Should? Bow
Are Bad and Sin the Same Thing? Muslim asks Why God Changed His Mind Did Adam's Sin Cause Our Sin?
What will happen to Hitler? Do Gay people go to Hell? Debate the Trinity?
Preaching Christ for the Wrong Reasons Is it ok to get a Tattoo? Who will Not be Saved?
May God Bless You Free Will - Are We Puppets? A Sinful Woman's Earnest Prayer
How did Jesus "lead captivity captive?" Near Death Experience? Hell and Near Death Experiences
Three Days and Three Nights? NOTHING Physical Saves Spiritually! I am a Free Man!
Live like hell and still go to heaven? You are controlled by a demon from Hell Is Jesus our Father?
Should we Love the Terrorists? Has Anyone Been "Redeemed," Yet? You speak as Fool
Why I'm Not a True Believer Satan makes me do bad things? Lazarus and the Rich Man
Prosperity Miracle Wake up Ray! Before it's Too Late I am an atheist
Van Impe and Hagee Haven't a Clue They Try to Buy the Spirit of God We grow in grace
They make the Sign of the Cross at Me Your Pastor has No Faith At All - None! Different degrees in Hell
Should We go Door-To-Door? Do Holy Things Become Unholy? Why is there Suffering and Evil?
What type of Sick Trick is this? Blotted Out of the Book of Life? Try That On For Size!
Ananias and Sapphira Is Tithing a Law of Nature? The King James is Perfect?
Driving Down the Road One Day God Bless You How Accurate - Watch Tower Bibles?
Are You Spirit-Filled, Born-Again? Why Do We Wrestle Against Demons? The Son of a Preacher Man
My Family Thinks My Wife is the Devil Demons and Nephilum Responsibility? Accountability?
Unequally Yoked Together Why was Jesus so Sarcastic? The Immaculate Conception?
Let Them Eat Cat Food Reincarnation Preterist or Futurist?
You are a False Prophet Are Miracles for Today? Thank you
It's okay, God understands Top 40 Sermons You are a False Prophet
Do you have a Christian Covering? What Universalists Really Believe Good in its Purest Form?
Humiliated and Sick With Despair I Need Other Writers to Pick From How do we Know We Are Saved?
Contradictions in the Concordant Bible More: To Hell and Back I am Totally Overwhelmed
Fallen Angels? Hogwash Why Can't I Stop Sinning?
You Will Surely Die? Why did Christ Suffer and Die? Lead Us Not Into Temptation?
Sick and Disgusting Fable! Please Don't Stop Writing! Picking up hitchhikers?
Are We Puppets? Why do you Judge? Yahshua, Messia or Jesus Christ?
The Passion Movie Concordant Teachings? Another Tithing Story
Polygamy is Not for the Righteous Man A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations Godly Character
ABA, MUS, ALA, EEE, OIE, MMM, MDC I Need Some Guidance Broad Way into Destruction
Theological Double-Speak What about Hitler? Did the Apostles Understand?
You Are Not Rightly Dividing Thank You for you Chiding Who Are the Jews and Gentiles?
God is Not a Man! Blaspheme Against the Holy Spirit I Won't Be Deceived!
Guardian Angels? Unitarian? Absent From the Body?
Dress Codes Where Does the Soul Go After Death? The Devil is Feeding You Lies
A World of Opposites You Are Self Righteousness Human, Carnal Arguments
Sounds Like Free Will To Me 7 Spiritual Keys Think on These Things
Bible Originally Aramaic? More on the aions All Physical Rituals are Carnal
Your Article on Tithing All Physical Rituals are Shadows Die, Heretic Scum!
God and Jesus a Failure? Audio Tapes? Released From a Dark Prison
People Just Like You I Marveled Should We Observe the Lord's Supper?
Why Ask Such a Stupid Question? You Want to Impress Me? Death, Hell, Grave?
Is Drinking, Smoking, etc. Wrong? Make It Bloody! The Lost Books of Eden
There is No Unpardonable Sin Repent and Wake Up! What is True Godly "Worship?"
ALL the Word of God God Ain't Finished With You Yet! Are You Scattering The Lost?
Who are the "Lost Sheep?" Your Fireman Analogy Whence Eternity?
One Man's Testimony Why Prophecies Come to Pass Ray Confesses
Knowledge of Good and Calamity? Context, Context, Context! We Don't Comprehend the Trinity
Three Little Words Christian Pornography A Priceless Question
Does God Force Us to Sin? What If? And These Three Agree
I Have Seen Hell First-fruit Offering Suicides Eternally in Hell?

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